Jun 23

Branding :: Mud

Mud. From the earthy, wet fragrance to the magic that grows within it, there’s something fascinating about mud.  It’s definitely underappreciated and so often taken for granted.  But this is the canvas from where all of our sweet little blossom grow.  This is the place where roots dig deep and stems grow tall.  This is where it all begins.

As I have been working with Ciarra, of Silver Fox Calligraphy,  on some of my new branding, we started with the flower.  I had her create a delicate little forget me not, as a reminder of the perfectly periwinkle colored blossoms that would take over my grandma’s lawn each spring, as well as much of Northern Michigan’s other woodland areas.  We didn’t exactly create my various branding pieces in logical order, because from that flower I realize that some of my other elements felt “off”, they just weren’t at home with one another.

So she reworked my logo design.  I began describing what I wanted, not really knowing what I wanted.  I used words like elegant, organic and whimsical.  I wanted sophistication and simplicity.  Ciarra created some magnificent pieces of art, I can only imagine the hours she spent with nibs and watercolors in her hand bringing my vision to life.  In the end, there was one thing missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  Then I realized, my logo need to be the color of mud.  It’s not charming or chic or any of the other words that I think I should use to describe my wedding style, but it’s the beginning.   It’s unpretentious and raw.  The soil is where is where the seeds start, where the weeds grow and the most pure canvas for God’s artwork to be displayed.

Botanical Stationary | The Day's Design | Cory Weber Photography

Photography: Cory Weber Photography | Stationary Design & Calligraphy: Silver Fox Calligraphy | Design & Styling: The Day’s Design

I’m keeping it quiet until I get a couple of the bugs worked out, but you can take a little sneak peek at the new and improved, The Day’s Design website here which shows off my new logo and lots of new flowery goodness that I’ve been holding back.

Happy Friday!

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