Jun 20

7 Years

When I was first married, my mother told me that the first 7 years would be the hardest.  Yesterday, we officially hit that seven year mark.  While I certainly don’t know what the next 7 years hold, I can say the past 7 haven’t been without their challenges.  But with challenge comes triumph and these years have shaped so much of who we are today.

The past years have been full of newness; we bought a house, remodeled the house, sold the house and moved to a new city.  They’ve been full of excitement; we’ve had two little girls and watched them grow.  There’s been moments of anger, hurt and loss.  New jobs, saying goodbye to old friends and making new ones.  Leaps of faith, starting a business and sometimes living on a prayer.  There have been times when one of us, if not both, have been tempted to throw in the towel and just give up. There’s been grief, as some of those people who starting this journey with us are no longer by our sides today. While there’s been much joy and celebration in these years, there’s also been trial and heartache.  And anyone who thinks that they’ll wake up every single morning madly in love with the person in bed beside them, has a whole slew of lessons headed their way.

I firmly believe that it’s our reaction to these moments – the good ones and the bad – that build character.  These are the times that define ourselves and our relationships.  They can make us strong or sink us.  It really is your choice each and every morning to choose love and move onward, together.

It certainly isn’t my business to be handing out marriage advice.  Mine is so far from perfect.  But I can say that year 7 is full of promise and today is filled more love than many days of the past.

Working in an industry that thrives on love is really interesting when examining your own lives and relationships.  We can say that we shouldn’t compare ourselves, but let’s face it, it happens.  Sometimes I look at the bride sitting in front of me with a newly engaged glow and I can’t help but be envious.  I completely disagree with anyone that says that business isn’t personal.  My business touches my personal life and tugs on my heartstrings every single day.  Whether it’s the emotions that I share with a new client as she giddily tells me how he proposed or the thrill of excitement that rushes through me as I discover a new blossoming bush in our back yard or perhaps even the moment of frustration that sneaks in when a last minute email or project takes me away from being able to plan a walk in the park with my girls.  It’s all personal.

Because my business is so personal, it felt really appropriate to share a little project that I’ve been working on during our anniversary week.  This is the anniversary of when I really truly understood for the first time what weddings are all about.  It’s not the centerpieces, the flowers or the venue.  It’s what those things represent and the celebration and commitment behind it all.  I’ve been working on rebranding, really defining my style and my ethics and honing in on what love really means to me.  Throughout this week here on the journal and on Instagram, I’ll be sharing more of the mission and person behind the blooms, because to me it’s so much more than just a pretty bouquet of flowers.  It’s all leading up to my brand new website launch on Friday (if life doesn’t hand me lemons before then!)  So stay tuned and we’ll celebrate together.

Photography: Shannon Scott Photography

And happy anniversary to those two young babes up there – you have no idea what’s about to come your way!!

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