Aug 29

Behind the Scenes with a Floral Designer

6 years ago I started a wedding planning business.  It was a scary leap born out of near necessity and while I was very familiar with the wedding industry, I can’t say I really knew what exactly I was doing.  I had a plan but at the same time, I was plan-less.

Nature took it’s course and as most things do, my business evolved.  It grew.  It began to change and slowly I determined my own styles, drives, passions and things that I really wanted to create, which was more than just the industry trends.

And along with way I fell in love with flowers.The Day's Design | Studio Tour | Northern Michigan Florist

I fell in love with flowers so much so that they became a key competent to my business, they became part of my brand and identity and what drew clients to me.  Today, I plan very few wedding but rather focus my energies into the design.  Flowers are the main part of that, but there’s also more.  I assist with color schemes, finding local flowers, fruits and design options, linens, textures, table layouts, candlelight and ambiance, and all the little details that set the mood for the event.  Its much like designing home, I want it to be warm and inviting and comfortable or maybe more elegant.  I want it to feel like the couple that the night will be celebrating and pulling together the pieces of the puzzle can be a challenge all within itself.  The space will also be photographed like crazy, so every detail must be perfect.

I get a lot of questions about my job.  From people who don’t understand why my job is a job, from those who are genuinely curious and from others who think that I must have the most amazingly fun profession ever (and they might just be right!)  Step into my studio with me and let’s take a closer look, answering a few of my most frequently asked questions…

The Day's Design | Studio Tour | Northern Michigan Florist

Do you have a storefront?

Right now, no.  Someday?  Maybe.  I actually looked into purchasing the cutest little flower shop that was for sale last spring but things just didn’t fall into place.  Currently, I’ve converted my basement into a studio space and it meets pretty much all of my needs.  When we move next month, I’m going to have a building all of my own on our property, which will be really awesome (you can read more about our coming move here).

Do you only design flowers for weddings?

Yes and no.  Since I do not have a storefront, I don’t keep flowers stocked in my studio all the time.  With wholesalers having order minimums for shipping and the nearest wholesale supplier is over an hour drive, so logistically it makes since for me to order large amounts of flowers at a time and weddings seem to be the biggest market for volume orders of flowers.  Of course I’m happy to accommodate large parties, anniversaries and other celebrations.   I’ve definitely toyed with the idea of having flowers on hand on a more consistent basis but haven’t really figured out the best way to do this.  Once in awhile, I even design a little something for myself.The Day's Design | Studio Tour | Northern Michigan Florist

You must have flowers in your house all the time?

Once in awhile I may design something for myself, but the reality is I have flowers in my home no more than anyone else.  Another florist posed this question and shared the her reality was a few dying blooms in a drinking glass.  That pretty much sums it up.  Although I’m trying to improve this situation because flowers equal happiness and I want a happy home.

Why do you travel so much for weddings?

When I started my business, I was living in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  There’s a pretty large wedding market in the city and surrounding areas.  But even so, I was finding that my designs seemed to appeal to those getting married in less traditional places, taking me to the lake shore, towards unique barns and unconvential venues and into Northern Michigan.  2 1/2 year ago we moved to Big Rapids, which is about an hour north and there’s no wedding industry here.  I mean, I’m sure there are people who live here that are getting married, but I’ve been part of very few of their celebrations.  There just seem to be a lack of venues, amoungst other challenges.  So I continued to drive to Grand Rapids and surrounding areas and still north.  Sometimes I get an air bnb and design remotely or sometimes it means I get up early and am on the road to deliver flowers across the state, it simply depends on the flowers being used and the logistics of the day.

The Day's Design | Studio Tour | Northern Michigan Florist

What inspires you?

Isn’t this a loaded question?  Design, nature, history, nostalgia, having a story to tell – just to touch on a few.

Why The Day’s Design and TownLine Journal?

6 years ago when I started The Day’s Design, I also started blogging.  I wanted to write about the little journey my business was on and also provide helpful articles and tips for my clients.  I called it The Day’s Dream, which was The Day’s Design’s blog.  Over time, my vision and mission has evolved.  The previous question about what inspires me took hold of my heart and while I love The Day’s Design, it was time for this space to become more personal and break free from the umbrella of being a wedding blog, because I’m inspired by so much more.  I wrote more on this topic awhile back, which you can read here.

I also created new social media, one Facebook page and Instagram for The Day’s Design where it’s strictly wedding and flowers.  Then another for TownLine Journal, which is more about the person behind the blooms, aka, me (the Facebook and Instagram handles are linked).  The story that inspires life and my personal journey through it all – motherhood, business ownership, being a wife, interior design, country living and the balancing act of it all.

The Day's Design | Studio Tour | Northern Michigan Florist

What’s next?  When do you move?  How’s wedding season going?

I’m putting these all together into one jumbled question because that’s how I feel right now.  Jumbled.  I found myself walking around Meijer today without the slightest clue why I was there, receiving 3 phone calls, 4 texts and 2 emails while in the store and walking out without my wine or dill pickle relish. I’m currently in the busiest stretch of my season, school is starting for Gretta and we move next week.  I also have big plans for both The Day’s Design and TownLine Journal but need a quick minute to capture my breathe before I can take action on any of it.

Up the road ahead will be a new farmhouse to decorate, a new studio to design and many new clients that I will have the honor of working with.  There will be a little more temporary silence in this space but big things are on the horizon.

Blush and Dusty Blue Wedding Flowers | The Day's Design | TownLine Journal

Photography: Helter Photography

Do you have more questions about design, weddings, anything?  Ask away, I’d love to help however I can!  Send an email to or leave a comment below.

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