Jul 16

Farmhouse Dreams

Anyone who knows me knows my love of all things vintage, shabby, cottagy, classic and old.  I’ve come to adore living in the country and while I had dreams when we moved to Big Rapids of finding a distressed little old farm house that just needed a little love, that was not in the cards.  I never found my diamond in the rough and as antique of a house that I could find (that wasn’t in town or that was within our budget) was a little 1950s ranch.  We’ve lived here 2 1/2 years and have made this house our home.  We love the property and I’ve gotten over the fact that we have modern espresso cabinets and an electric fireplace, redecorating and making this place our own.

Sometimes we have to wait for the things we pray for.  While there are instances where dreams may never come a reality, I’m hoping that this is not one of them.  We have purchased a little farmhouse!  I could possibly be jinxing all of this by sharing my exciting new before we close but it’s really out of my hands anyway.  I’m choosing to have faith that this is where we’re supposed to be and if we truly are headed in the wrong direction, then the doors will be closed to us.

White Farm House | TownLine Journal

Right now I’m basking in the joy of a longtime dream come true.  If all goes well, we’ll soon be living in an early 20th century little home, perfectly white with charming little shutters, the orginal wood floors, a darling screened in porch and my very own (seperate!) floral studio right on the property.  I cannot wait to share more about this little dream of ours soon.  Until then, I need to get back to cleaning our existing house because it will soon be on the market.


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