Jun 14

A Couple Truths about Wedding Planners

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Many people hear the words “wedding planner” (or coordinator, etc) and immediately get this vision of someone who is going to come in and take over your wedding day, dictating every decision from venues to colors to day-of timelines –  creating an event that is not even close to representing you as a couple.  So we shy away from this concept, ask friends and family to help out and thinking that as brides, we can just do everything ourselves.

The second myth we hear is how expensive wedding planning services are and this is only a luxury that high end, big budget brides can afford.

Here’s the truth.  Wedding coordinators only take over the entire planning process if you want them to.  On average, it’s said that a wedding takes about 200 hours to plan.  I personally have not taken the time to do the exact math, but I think the actual number might be higher.  This is a ton of time for someone working a full time job to commit to.  Rather than having 20 separate vendors to research, meet with and keep informed you can hire a planner to articulate your vision to each and every one of them, keep all communications with them and you only have to email (call, text or whatever) ONE person to make sure EVERYTHING gets done.  Now sit down and take a load off!!

Secondly, your budget might be more planner friendly than you think.  Many planners have a variety of options on how involved they actually get with your wedding day.  You can use them as a consultant basis just to make sure you have everything covered, because let’s face it, you’ve probably never planned a wedding before!  Not sure how to construct your itinerary?  Can’t decide which linen colors will give you the best impact?  Or just need someone to make sure that the reception is set up beautifully while you’re off getting married?  I’m so glad you asked!!  Let me help you!

Packages can be tailored specifically to meet your wedding day needs, meaning you can help control the costs without losing control of your wedding day!


PS – I have limited dates still available in 2013 and would love to chat about your 2014 wedding!


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