Jun 19

3 Years Ago

I was married 3 years ago today.  3 years ago Pinterest did not exist and wedding blogs were yet to dominate the internet planning world.  I purchased bridal magazines and used creations from my very own imagination.  3 years ago I had a wedding filled with rustic and earthy details that have long since been forgotten about by my guests.  Timelines and seating charts are a thing of the past and my ivory taffeta gown is shoved in the back of my closet.  Linens and charger plates have been returned and my gorgeous peony and wildflower bouquet has long since wilted.

So what remains from my wedding 3 years ago?  A marriage.

For 3 years now I have had a man by my side.  Together we have built a life full of stress, chaos and laughter.  Since we said “I do” we have celebrated a life together full of family, sorrow, adventure and new life.  I cannot think of a person I’d rather have by my side.

We are long since past the point of living in wedded bliss.  The “honeymoon phase” dissolved quickly as argued about paint colors, kitchen remodeling plans and whether or not shoes should be worn in the house.  Sometimes we go to bed angry.  Sometimes I have to vent to friends and gripe about how his way of thinking is completely backwards and opposite (and clearly wrong!) from mine.

Recently I was asked how I knew that I was marrying the right man.  What a loaded question! I never had that a-ha moment where I just knew that Josh was “the one”.  I really didn’t even know where to begin in answering that, but after much debate here’s my conclusion.  You much choose to love someone for the rest of your life.  Butterflies and bliss will not last forever, so if that’s what your marriage is based on, be prepared for failure.  Spend some time on your knees, I asked God every night to show me if there was a reason I should not marry Josh.  He will show you.  Do not take this commitment lightly, being caught up in the romance of a wedding.  Make sure you can handle their cute little quirks, which will drive you crazy later. Think about what your life would be life without him, does that scenario even exist?  And be prepared to never give up.

Wedding Day trolley

Photo by Shannon Scott {Smug Shots}

Happy Anniversary baby… I love you!!



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