Jun 5

Vintage IS Modern

Vintage Wedding Dress

Vintage weddings have been all the rage for the past few years now.  There’s something oh-so-charming and nostalgic about incorporating items from the past into your décor.  I do it in my personal décor, as well as with events.  But what defines the event as “vintage”?

More and more vendors seem to be popping up claiming that they cater to vintage weddings.  They provide vintage furniture rentals, vintage attire or maybe even vintage photographs or event design.

This raises a couple questions.

  1. What makes your wedding vintage?
  2. Do you need to choose vendors that are specifically tailored to vintage weddings?

Let’s try to answer the first question.  You’re wedding does NOT have to be completely vintage to incorporated vintage components, all while pulling off a super romantic event.  Brides have used the word vintage to describe their weddings, when I might rather use turns like rustic, whimsical or lacey.

The term vintage can merely mean an item is old, but no quite antique or maybe it’s used or heavily used or worn out.  It could be a more primitive object.  Or perhaps you really are describing an antique!!  There is not a clear definition of vintage (other than it being used in wine making!)  So when deciding upon a vintage theme for your wedding, make sure you are specific.  Is there a particular decade you’d like to replicate?  Would you prefer mid-century modern or 1920’s Gatsby inspired affair?

Secondly, your vendors do not need to cater specifically to this type of an event.  However, if they have something similar in their portfolio that you really like, it can be very helpful.  Showing pictures and being very specific with your vendors in any event will help with the overall communication process.  Ask lots of questions, and do not be afraid to ask if they think they can achieve your desired effect.  Most vendors will be honest with you – if they don’t think they fit well with your vision, they’ll let you know!

I myself visit flea markets and thrift stores whenever possible.  I love collecting garage sale treasures.  And I’m the first person to slam on my breaks when I see a store advertising antiques.  However, I would not label myself as a vintage vendor just because I like this eclectic style décor.  I would say I’m thrifty and creative, and I know how to pull off this look seamlessly, even incorporating a few TJ Maxx finds that might fit the bill even better than the true vintage pieces.  I was decorating with cottage finds, shabby chic trinkets and rustic details before vintage was the “cool” thing to do!

So please, continue planning your vintage inspired events.  Incorporate wooden crates and dresses from the 1950s, but be able to describe your event beyond it being just “vintage”.  Do not be afraid to add teacups to a “modern” event or add sleeker décor to a 1900s historic estate.  With this ongoing trend, I would even venture to say that vintage is modern!!

Bradley James Photography captured the beautiful bride above wearing a 1950s tulle dress in my vintage tea party shoot last fall.



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