May 5

4 Simple Steps for Setting the Perfect Mother’s Day Table

Mother’s Day is this week, those of you who plan ahead – good for you!  Those of you who haven’t taken notice of this important date on your calender, fear not!  I’m here to help!

Not to state the obvious, but obviously taking Mom out to brunch this year is not an option.  There is no easy button.  Certainly we can resort to other creative ideas, picking up take-out from her favorite resturant, etc. but how can we make the day feel a little more special, and not just like another night in quarentine?

Most celebrations center around food and meals usually happen at the table.  So that’s where we’re going to focus our efforts this year, by setting the table for Mom.  These ideas all use items and things that you probably already have around your house, so no need to violate those stay home orders either.

1. Set the Foundation

Dress up yours (or Mom’s) everyday dining table with a table cloth or table runner.  Pull out some fancy napkins and get to to work.  If you’re not sure where she keeps the fancy linens, you could always seek alternative textile options.  A folded piece of fabric (I like using cheesecloth, muslin or chiffon) can be draped down the center of the table.  A thin blanket is also a great option to sub as a table cloth or off-set table scarf.  Speaking of scarf, using a lightweight scarf is actually one of my favorite table accessories, they’re a little wider than you typical table runners and Mom probably has a favorite one laying around the house.  For more visual tips on how I use these items on the table, be sure to scroll down to the video at the end.

Mother's Day brunch ideas

2. Add Flateware & China

Now is the time to use all the special occasion and specialty items in Mom’s china hutch.  Maybe she has some favorite plates that were a wedding gift.  Perhaps there are special drinking glasses she only pulls out when guests are coming over.  Is there a platter that’s a family heirloom that she rarely uses?  Utilizing any of these items will instantly add a thoughtful touch to the table and let Mom know that you think that she’s special and worth a little extra effort.

Mother's Day brunch ideas

3. Food

Cook Mom her favorite brunch or dinner items. If you’re challenged when it comes to making a great meal in the kitchen, don’t dispare.  Lots of fabulous resturants are offering take-out Mother’s Day options.  However, this is really important – presentation is everything!  Use real china, platters and serving utensils – regardless of where the food is coming from.  Nothing kills the vibe of a fancy meal like a styrofoam take-out container on the table.  Feel free to plate each meal individuallly, or family style platters on the table will make it feel like a real feast.

Looking for a little brunch recipe inspiration?  Here are some of my favorite tried and true recipes and brunch foods I love (including the bread and cookies in the pictures).

How to set the table for Mother's Day Mother's Day brunch ideasMother's Day brunch ideas


4. Clean Up

As a Mom, this is the most important step to making my day complete – clean up after yourself!  Is there anything worse than someone coming into your house, creating a huge mess and then leaving it all behind for you to clean?!  Even if you enjoyed every part of it, I still don’t want to be stuck completely with the clean up.  (Although, if I had to venture a guess, she’ll probably offer a least a little assistance, an easy way for her to say “Thank you” for making it a good day!)

Mother's Day brunch ideasMother's Day brunch ideasMother's Day brunch ideas

I can set this entire table in 3 minutes, can you??

Later this week, I’ll be sharing how I made this centerpiece, if you’re local to Northern Michigan, you can order your own here!

Hope you all have a fabulous Mother’s Day, I’d love to know how you’re celebrating!




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