Apr 30

April Flowers

Here it is the last day of April… what a strange month!  I’m sure we all have are own stories of oddities to share from the past few weeks.  It seems like each part of the country and each industry and even each person has been affected somehow, but differently, with all the sickness and staying home.

The flower industry is no exception.  At the beginning of the month, I wasn’t sure if I’d get to touch any “non-local” flowers for the rest of the season.  Weddings were dropping like flies, wholesalers were closing down and piles and piles of flowers were being discarded.  It was scary, to say the least.  But here we are at the end of the month and things seem to be leveling off a bit.  And I’m no longer afraid of not being able to source flowers.  In fact, I’m offering Mother’s Day bouquets that are available for contact free pick-up or delivery locally – shameless plug, but if you’re interested, you can shop and see more details HERE.

Here are 5 flowers I played with in April that I want to share with you:

Champagne Brut CarnationsChampagne Brut Carnations

Yes, I’m preaching about carnations again.  But I love them.  I have some in my studio still from March and they’re looking great still.  Who wouldn’t love a flower with a vase life of more than a month!?  These ones are a little creamy, almost blushy – but not really, not ivory, not white just… perfect.  I first came in contact with these a couple summers back not knowing the variety name.  Now that I know what to order, I’m using them all the time.

Lavender Sweet Peas

lavender sweet peasI didn’t mean to add sweet peas to the list again this month.  I know I was just talking about them last month and the incredible color the Japanese varieties offer.  These ones are domestic, grown in California.  Still gorgeous and you can’t beat the soft texture they add.  There’s something about this lavender shade that is just so perfect – not too pink, not too blue, not too dark.

La Belle Epoque TulipLa Belle Epoque Tulip

A little bit yellow, kind of amber, leaning towards dusty rose with a little apricot and caramel mixed in, maybe even a touch brown?  What color IS this tulip?  Dreamy.  That’s how I’m going to describe it.  Now you might be thinking that I chatted enough about mysteriously colored tulips last month, but I did forwarn you that more tulip love was sure to come this spring.  When photographed, these were about 1 1/2 week old.  I’m still waiting for them to open, they’re a little tight and no matter how much persuation I’ve tried, it’s all been to no avail.  I would have liked them a little more open for these arrangements, but I guess I’ll just wait and hopefully post an updated picture.  Until that time, what you need to know is that they’re California grown and have 2 layers, which makes them extra ruffly, almost like a peony.

Geum Mango

Red Geum MangoThis is a new one to me.  I wanted to play with a little burnt red, a color that I really don’t get along with.  However, I’m always trying to stretch myself.  These are very delicate and petite, with dark stems and bright little flowers.  I used it in the arrangement at the end of this post but in all honesty, I’m really not sure how I feel about it.  Experimentation though has been what this “off” season has been all about.

Sterling Range

Sterling Range


Another new one to me.  It’s much more “evergreen-ish” than I had expected from the pictures.  I might be a bigger fan at a different time of year.  It’s stem is very woody and branches are full, almost to a fault.  It took some thinning out and manipulating to make it feel right in this arrangement.  Overall, it reminded me of a stem of rosemary with little white blossoms attached.

Seems like a strange combination of items, doesn’t it?  I’ll admit I didn’t see it coming together quite like this, however I did love the results of my arrangement and won’t keep you in anticipation to see it.

The Best Wedding FLowers for AprilI didn’t take time again this month to put together a tablescape, but I love the idea of using neutral linens and earthy stoneware plates and then completing the look with a soft lavender napkin.  In the summer, you could play more with the golden hues, adding some sunshine with a bright yellow candle on an otherwise neautral tabletop.  Or in the fall, I’d love to pull out more of the rusty reds and terra cotta tones, maybe even adding in some fall foliages or amber vintage drinking goblets.  I’m getting excited about this make believe situation just thinking about it!

The Best Wedding FLowers for AprilThe Best Wedding FLowers for April

Don’t let color pin you into a box.  Just because it’s one season or another, doesn’t limit your color palette options.  I think there are ways to may any color combo work for any season, as long as you’re willing to use your imagination.  How would you use this arrangement?



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