Jun 30

Some Red, White & Blue Inspo just for You!

This summer is flying! I most likely say this every year but with all the crazy antics that this year has brought with it there seems to be a strange balance of time flying one minute and then standing completely still the next.

While I have many flower stories a room makeover to eventually share with you, right now we’re just going to skip full speed ahead to the 4th of July. I created a mini tabletop inspo in under 5 minutes with 3 random peonies I had laying around my studio and some blue candlesticks. If I wanted an elegant fireworks bash, this is how I would make it happen.

I am obsessed with toile and these little plates give off that perfectly French vibe. But adding the modern gold flatware and a dinner plate with clean lines keeps this set-up from feeling too vintage.

I have stretched myself this year to use more red in my designs, which in the past has been a struggle. However, I cheated with this one and used a burgundy peony which I think still feel patriotic and a little more “me”.

This weekend though, I will be breaking out all the true red treasures for you. I’ve got red peonies, cherry snapdragons and more coming to the flower cart… which leads me nicely into my next little segway of things you need to know:

1.The Flower Cart

Did you hear? We have a flower cart! It will be stocked select Fridays (and an occassional Saturday) throughout the summer season. Purchases are self-serve and on the honor system (we’re honest people and hope you are too!)

2. This Week at The Flower Cart

Specifically, this week/weekend at the flower cart… it’s the 4th of July. Naturally, we’ll be stocked with red, white and blue blooms. We will open the cart Thursday, July 2nd and Friay, July 3rd. Because it’s supposed to be so hot, I’ll only be setting out a few bunches and arrangements at a time and will restock periodically throughout the day.

It’s my first year doing this so I’m estimating how much flower traffic I will have and don’t want to have waisted blooms. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. I imagine that July 3rd will be the biggest shopping day but that’s a guess on my part. So if you must have flowers, stop by Thursday or send me an email or give me a call and I can make something special just for you!

3. Sparklers

All flower purchases come with star sparklers because they’re cute and fireworks have been cancelled this year… we need to add some sparkle somehow!

4. Flower Donuts

I will have a few of these available at the cart. They’re cute and festive and perfect for sitting on a boat (no water to spill!) or setting on your table without disrupting your view. You can put a candle in the middle or even hang them on your door. Use your imagination! Many of the flowers in these will dry beautifully, making your enjoyment last even longer!

5. Weddings

This has nothing to do with this weekend or th 4th of July but I’ve had a lot of questions so just though I’d keep everyone in the loop. People are still getting married. The COVID-19 does not stop love. I’ve rescheduled many weddings for later this summer and into next year. I get the honor of being a part of many smaller celebrations this summer. If you have a last minute wedding or elopement pop up, I would love to be a part! I can put together as little as one bouquet or an event of 100+ (is that even legal right now… I can’t keep track!?) with onl a couple days notice so feel free to reach out!

I think that should put everyone in the know for the moment, provide you with a little red, white and blue holiday decor inspiration and share how you can also get your hands on some beautiful blooms this week!

Hope you’re having a great week and I cannot wait to see you Thursday!


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