Dec 23

You Bring Our Hearts to Life

Burgundy Bridal Bouquet | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

“We believe in the kingdom come,

We believe in the risen Son,

You bring our hearts to life.”

This is the anthem that’s been ringing through my head this week.  And while this isn’t exactly a Christmas song, is it connected to the holiday theme.  It’s because of Christmas that we can sing this at all. (You can hear the whole song here.)

Just think, if Jesus hadn’t been born in the manger, there would be no risen Son.  There would be no hope, no joy, no peace.  Our hearts wouldn’t have life.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the presents and hot cocoa or even write blog posts about how much we miss our Christmas trees (I caved and put one up over the weekend, by the way) – but to me this season is really based on hope.  I simply cannot comprehend what it would be life to live in this world without the knowledge that someday I’m leaving and headed to my eternal home.  This isn’t forever and the best truly is yet to come.

May you be surrounded with this comfort and joy as you celebrate this Christmas.


The above picture was captured by Hetler Photography as part of our “Hat’s Off to the New Year” shoot last winter.  You can see the entire holiday post here.


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