Dec 18

Dear Christmas Tree

Holiday Centerpiece | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

Dear Christmas Tree,

You are without doubt my biggest joy throughout the holiday season.  I love to peer upon your loveliness and watch your lights twinkle.  I eagerly wait in anticipation for that glorious day in November when it’s no longer “too early” to proudly pick you up from the lot and bring you home to be a part of my holiday traditions.  I dress you up with ornaments that have very little monetary value but so many memories, recalling the story behind each and every sparkly little bauble.

You are sorely missed this year as December has hurried by in a blur, not even leaving moment to reflect and focus on the true meaning of the season.  I haven’t felt any warm fuzzies or had a moment to hang the stockings with care.  You’ll find not a speck of tinsel or garland gracing my home, no pretty ribbons and boxes waiting to share joy on Christmas morning.

With the days of construction dragging on, the anticipation of something new is quickly fading as I long for something old.  I yearn for those time-honored traditions and the glow of Christmas tree lights.  The nostalgia and peace they bring each December is a quiet reminder to be thankful for the blessings of the year gone by.  This year I sadly have found myself forgetting to be thankful for 2014.  May we never forget the many miracles and wonder of Christmas.


The above picture was captured by Hetler Photography as part of our “Hat’s Off to the New Year” shoot last winter.  You can see the entire holiday post here.


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