Oct 1

Welcome October

Anyone else a little panicked that today is the last day of September?  That means three big things:

  1. It’s my little sister’s birthday…yay!!  Let’s celebrate with her!  She’s a pretty amazing girly and totally deserves to have the best day ever.  That’s her below with my mom (who also celebrated a birthday this month… we’re not getting older though, only wiser!)IMG_8627
  2.  There are only 91 days left in 2013 (and only 85 days until Christmas… I can hardly wait, I want to start wrapping Christmas presents!)
  3. And thirdly, it’s time to check in on my September goals.  Unfortunately, I have to admit that I’m a failure.   (Here are my September goals, in case you need a refresh)

I definitely spent some time focusing on what matters to me.  I dropped everything last week to spend the day with my mom on her birthday, and there were a couple other family fun weekends thrown into the mix.  Gretta got sick for the first time ever this month, so we spent a lot of extra time snuggling.  And I did definitely clean my desk and organize some, so I can halfway check this off my list. The failure part comes in with my someday projects.  I can’t really check anything off my list, and to make it worse, the list is getting longer.  I cleaned out my closet.  And that to some might be a huge accomplishment, but when your closet is barely the size of a shoe box it really doesn’t seem like that great of an achievement.  Especially when I have 2 closets, so it’s really like I am only 50% of the way done. But that’s okay, right?  Tomorrow starts a new month with a new beginning.  So, my goals will just have to carry on over.

Happy Monday!!



Photo by Shannon Scott {Smug Shots}


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