Sep 18

Be Still

Lately I’ve been in this strange place.  I want more from my business, more from life and yet not wanting so much that I can’t actually LIVE my life.  So I’ve talked about balance before, trying to figure out this perfect formula for living.  But maybe it’s not just balance I need to focus on, maybe it’s also contentment.

“You will not find My Peace by engaging in excessive planning, attempting to control what will happen to you in the future.”

-Sara Young, Jesus Calling

This showed up in my Instagram feed this morning.  Umm… I plan things for a living, so what am I supposed to make of this?

A couple weeks ago I shared my perfect plan about what this summer was supposed to look like for me.  I’d be wrapping up wedding season, be able to sit down and relax in my super awesome studio space and so on (read more here – just in case you missed it).

And again we’ll fast forward to today… I want more, more, MORE!  I have not wrapped up wedding season and am still getting inquiries for 2013, which is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful for.  However, I am still greed stricken as I want my 2014 to start filling up and I want to book more weddings and have a better peace of mind.

“Be still and know that I am God”

-Psalms 46:10

I just need to step back and stop trying to figure out how to get more, and rather start focusing on what I have TODAY.  Today might actually be a pretty amazing day, if I can just stop thinking about tomorrow.

I was looking through my notebook and I have the words “Gratitude changes everything” scribbled across my notes.  So that’s the thought I’m going to leave with today.  Be thankful.

Gratitude Changes Everything



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