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Somewhere between pretentious corporate event planner and “I planned my sister’s wedding so now I’m an event planner” – on the side, is where you’ll find me… with a bouquet of flowers in my hands. I am a small business owner and boutique wedding planner, specializing in one of kind celebrations. I have a degree in event planning – or as close as I could get (Bachelors of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management with an emphasis is Event Planning – yes, that’s a mouthful).  I plan, design and floralize weddings for a living.

However for me, business isn’t really about the title, it’s about being able to do what I love. While The Day’s Design didn’t necessarily start with flowers, it was born out of my love for design. Pulling together all the individual details for a wedding and forming one cohesive event makes me so happy. I love finding the perfect napkin that matches your invitation that pairs perfectly with your bridesmaids dress.


But often the element that speaks loudest in that design scheme is the flowers and since I am so passionate about this aspect too, they naturally became part of my service offerings. They are a tangible component that everyone can see. The floral selection for any event says a lot about a person and the impact is huge. This is what draws most people to my work. And then we bond because they fancy blooms almost as much as I do.

I can’t seem to quench this thirst for floral knowledge. Colors, varieties and bouquet shapes fill my imagination…


At times, the conversation ends with flowers, but more often it continues on, circling back to that design discussion and dreaming of all the decorative possibilities from escort card displays to making sure each place setting is arranged with a perfectly graceful ribbon draped on top. My sketch pad is full of doodles from blooms, to ribbons to invitations and the possibilities are endless. My creative mind is always on a wild quest for more. We’ll fashion an entire mood board and sketch out designs for the day. Together, we’ll visualize all the various details, big or small, and the roles they play in the overall tone of your wedding. If you hire me to design your wedding, I’ll be a part of every aesthetic facet working with your other creative vendors and then onsite that morning making sure that everything is perfectly placed and spotless. I may even help your photographer style a few photos if our paths should happen to cross and your timeline allows.


Since I am there anyway, event management becomes a natural step for me to take. It’s a little more work for me on the front end of things (with a stellar team of assistants in tow), but so worth it to any bride who is considering whether or not to do everything herself. I’ll help build the entire itinerary for the day, making sure there’s a planned arrival time for each and every vendor. You won’t have to worry about whether or not the cake was delivered or the linens are set on your tables in time for the caterer to begin their part. The bridal party will know where they’re supposed to be and when to start walking down the aisle and I’ll straighten out your train before your grand entrance. Concerns about whether the photographer is in the room when the best man makes his toast or when husband and wife dance for the first time are eliminated as it will all be scheduled and well thought out, flowing as if it were all just naturally meant to happen.


Then there’s the bride that needs help from the very beginning. The number of inspiring vendors in her area seems daunting and the idea of figuring out a budget is tedious. I become the friend that’s planned a million weddings and a liaison between practical, glam, organic and what your mother wants. I’m the voice of reason and inspiration, guiding the couple through each step of the planning process. Our journey together may begin with a location, a venue, finding the perfect caterer, tasting cakes or drinking champagne after he first proposed. Having a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you lose out on planning your wedding, but rather you have an experienced hand helping you along the way and any dull tasks that you don’t want to do, you can have someone else take care of.  Everything stays orderly, on schedule and remains fun, after all wedding planning is supposed to be fun.  It’s a celebration!

Regardless of contracted services, each couple is special to me. Each event is one of a kind and deserves its own contemplation and creativity. Being engaged is a once in a lifetime experience and I want to make it the very best for you. But most importantly, I wish all of my clients a marriage far more beautiful than any wedding I could ever help to create.

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