Mar 9

Unloved Blooms

This photograph showed up in my feed a couple different places last week.  It’s really really lovely.

Ruffled Blog | Carnation Corsage | Photography: Alexa’s Photography | Floral Design:  Sophisticated Florals by Stephanie | Via: Ruffled Blog

The post was featured on Ruffled Blog last week as well as on their Facebook page.  This picture had 667 likes, numerous comments about how pretty it is and was shared throughout social media.

If I’m not mistaken, this is a carnation.  A carnation!!  I personally have no issues with carnations, if fact, I think they’re really pretty if they’ve been placed correctly in an arrangement with care and attention to detail.  However, during the process of designing with my floral clients, I always ask if there are any flowers that they really don’t like or do not want to see in their decor.  The number one answer I receive is “no carnations.”  And sometimes it’s really hard to sway their opinions otherwise, even though these 667 people love it.  I know you can’t please everyone.

“There are no bad flowers, only bad flower combinations.” – Kelly Perry, of Philosophy Flowers.  That thought is forever ingrained in my mind. So next time you’re passing by “ugly” blooms, I encourage you to stop and study them for a moment and think about what they might look like in a another light.



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