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Trust the Experts

I love wedding blogs as much as the next gal. I read them here and there, find inspiration and even advertise on a couple. But sadly, I have to say that they don’t always get it 100% right. Occasionally I can even go as far to say that I’m appalled by the information that they’re sharing with their readers and my brides.

Autumn bouquet | The Day's Design | Bradley James Photography

Photography: Bradley James Photography

It is true that every last wedding vendor has their own opinions on how things should be done in the wedding industry, much less in their specific area of expertise. We all wish that others might change their way of thinking or order of operations. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and ideas.

However, with all that being said, who should brides really turn to for advice on wedding planning? Who can we trust if not these nation-wide, big name publications?

When it comes to flowers, trust a florist. Flowers are a big focus of the wedding industry and instantly grab one’s attention. But when I see one of my bouquets featured on XYZ’s Instagram page and captioned as they’re “obsessing over this dogwood bouquet” and yet I’ve actually never played with dogwood before and definitely didn’t include it in that particular bouquet, it makes me a bit leery on all fronts.  It’s not the first time I’ve witness similar such situations.

When it comes to budgeting advice, take note of your city or market. What a photographer or wedding planner charges in one destination might be a far cry for what they could potentially charge if they lived somewhere else. Be cautious of posts detailing these incredibly awesome celebrations that were done for under $5,000-7,000. I’m not saying that it’s impossible here in Michigan. All I’m asking is that you consider the story that goes untold – their best friend was a florist and did the flowers for free, there were only 20 guests, uncle Tom owns a venue, they didn’t serve a full meal, the bride was a frazzled mess because she took on too many projects herself… pictures and blog post don’t always tell the entire story. Budget is a really tricky topic to talk about and “inexpensive” can have a range of interpretations. And mostly their referring to nation wide stats and numbers.

When it comes to food, talk to you caterer. Each and every chef is different and has different pricing structures, timelines, service styles and ideas. Farm to table and family style options are really on trend right now, but that doesn’t mean its right for you event.   Or perhaps a plated dinner would be much more cost effective.  I’ve seen both options work in the bride and groom’s favor.

When it comes to lighting and family photo timelines, your photographer will know best. Photographers all use different cameras, equipment and know the methods that work best for them to capture your perfect moments. I’ve worked with lots of fabulous photographers and while it seems there are lots of common rules, many have their own little tricks and preferences and it’s not a one size fits all situation. But I absolutely will NOT tell you to be off beat and ditch a photographer all together in favor of Facebook photo shares or disposable cameras – there are publications that have completely lost my respect as of late.

Have to seen the pattern here? As a wedding planner I know lots of do’s and don’ts but I can’t play expert in each of these categories, I can simply guide you to them. Wedding blogs are the same. They see lots of things, but until they’re actually there in the moment, living through the situation and seeing the day through each vendors’ eyes, they can’t tell you how to plan your wedding. Hire creatives who are each experts in their own field and have fun planning your wedding your way.

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