Oct 23

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It happened again today.  I drove up over the hill on my simple little drive to pick up Gretta from school and I was awestruck.  There, just above the shades of amber and orange that are adorning the tops of the trees, was a glittering view of Little Traverse Bay.  The road was perfectly framed with the dancing gilded leaves, on one side reflecting the sun’s magnificent beams and on the other, matching the turmoil of the grey sky above.  The bay itself unsure of what color to reflect and shining in its own deep and smoky turquoise splendor.

Have you ever been lucky enough to live in a place that’s so beautiful, you actually gasp every time you turn a corner or drive up a hilltop?

Tunnel of Trees | TownLine Journal

I always thought I wanted to live in Leelanau County (Michigan’s pinky finger for those of you less familiar with Michigan’s geography).  I have ties to the area and it’s been a dream of mine since I was a teenage (you can read more about that here).  This past spring we were presented with an opportunity to relocate into Northern Michigan, but it wasn’t exactly where I had envisioned us being.  It wasn’t my beloved Leelanau. I said no.

If you’ve been following along, you know that that “no” wasn’t the end of the story.  Summer rolled around and the opportunity hadn’t gone away.  Long story short, we moved to Northern Michigan, a placed filled with so much beauty and brilliance I cannot even believe how lucky we are to call this place home.

I always fantasized of adding a segment to my journal called “Life in Leelanau” because it’s always been such an inspiring place which we spend so much time in.  With this turn of events, that doesn’t seem appropriate.  However, since we do live in such a highly traveled tourist destination, I do still hope to share more about the places around us that inspire.  The sparkling aqua waters, the golden sunsets, the food and outdoor adventures to be had, the rows and rows of charming summer homes – inspiration will not be lacking.  I sometimes feel guilty for not sharing more and kick myself daily for failing to throw my camera in my car. With that being said, you can expect to see more of these types of features as I play tourist myself, learning about our new home town and the coveted areas that surround it.  I cannot keep this town to myself and I believe this is the final piece of motivation I need to figure out how to make my camera really work.  And there might still be a little trip or two to Leelanau that pop us as well.


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