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Quicksand Rose | Rustic Wedding Planning Tips | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

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I originally wrote this post a couple months ago as part of my monthly guest feature over on Simply Blue Weddings.  It was titled “3 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning Rustic Weddings”.  But after it when live, I felt bad.  I had just posted something really negative and it bothered me. So today, I’m sharing […]

3 Tips for Planning Rustic Weddings

Apr 12

Wedding Planning & Advice

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We’ve downplayed the romance of roses.  I had yet another bride tell me that she isn’t a fan of roses.  While it’s not uncommon for me to hear, it is somewhat disheartening.  I can’t use ANY roses in your arrangements?  I think we’re sick of seeing tightly wound bunches sadly wrapped in cellophane, thrown together […]

The Rose

Feb 5


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Its peony season here in West Michigan.  It’s also time for me to prepare for my small part in  Bloom the Workshop.  How lucky could I possibly be that fate would bring these two happy occasions together in the same week!? I have one sad little peony bush in my back yard.  She’s slow to […]

The Best Laid Plans

Jun 11

Life Adventures

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Back in the snow and gloom of January I had an idea.  Valentine’s Day would quickly be approaching and it’s a day that always calls for some gorgeous blooms.  However, sometimes these mounds of perfectly placed, symmetrical and classic roses need a little extra love – ferns and baby’s breath can only do so much.  […]

Valentine’s Bouquet Inspiration

Feb 14

Projects & Tutorials

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