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Willa June | The Day's Design | Moving to Big Rapids

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I’m full on having an ADD month.  I start one project, leap to another, tackle the unpacking of one box, grab a paintbrush and splash some color on half a wall, check my email, forget to respond to the message I just read and end the day feeling exhausting and unaccomplished. Moving.  That’s what’s on […]

The 5 Most FAQs for the Month of March

Apr 4

Life Adventures

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Wedding season is just around the corner (and has actually already started for some!)  What does that mean for you? For some, that means digging through wedding registries and attending celebration after celebration this summer.  It might mean work is going to get super busy and spending time at the beach will be a distant […]

FAQs: When to Send Wedding Invitations

Apr 30

Wedding Planning & Advice

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