Dec 11

Shopping with Shelby: Macy’s

This new series of posts has been in the works for a while now, well, at least they’ve been an inner dialog running through my head (as so many of my posts are).  I get asked extremely frequently where I found things, what antique stores I shop at and asked for the story behind certain objects in my home, as well as pieces that I use in some of my events.

Now anyone that truly knows me, knows that I am a huge bargain shopper and even somewhat of a cheapskate.  But the fact of the matter is, I like nice things, I like things to be pretty but I don’t have an unlimited budget to make it all happen.  And I would also like to credit my father for my frugalness.  He is the ultimate thriftier.  Growing up I never thought I’d meet someone as cheap as my father.  We never had a new car, a new TV or any other electronic as far as that goes, and the number of items that were salvaged out of the neighbors and other random people’s trash was ridiculous.  Thank you Dad for teaching me that it is okay to pull over alongside of the road and do a little shopping.

But today I’m not thrift store shopping.  Today I go big and turn away from my boutique and small shop roots.  Today, I would like to give a little shout out to Macy’s. And for my roots of shopping there, I credit none other than my mother.


As a child we shopped at Hudson’s, which then became Marshall Field’s and later Macy’s.  While all three stores were in the same building, Macy’s is really my true love.  I really don’t know if anyone of them was better than the other, maybe I just gravitate more towards Macy’s because of the familiarity and the appreciation of money more in my adult life.  Whatever the reason, it is my number 1 go-to store when I need something stylish and new to add to my wardrobe is Macy’s.  They have the best sales.  Discounts upon discounts, I highly recommend their clearance racks.

On top of that, the Star Rewards card (or Macy’s Credit Card) is a must have.  I am not an advocate of shopping on credit, but this card is worth having.  So many additional discounts and coupons sent your way – just make sure you pay it off on time, and you will reap the rewards.  (And don’t tell Dave Ramsy!!)

Customer service is this store is top notch.  Not just here in my Grand Rapids location either.  I purchased all the suits for the groomsmen in my wedding from Macy’s and the service was impeccable.   They helped me find all the pieces from stores all across the country and had them shipped directly to my doorstep.  This is customer service in Flint, Michigan.  I feel good about telling you to do some shopping in Flint – their store even has a furniture department! I’ve also had to use their phone services regarding my credit card account and it’s always been the absolute best experience.  So polite and amazing.  Macy’s opened its doors in 1858, meaning the store has been opened 155 years – they must be doing something right!

And don’t forget about their wedding registry.  Above any other store, I recommend that couples registry here.  The selection of goodies for your home, kitchen and bath is wonderful.  If they don’t have it in store, you can so easily order it online (or add it to your registry online) and the stores are across the country, making it pretty convenient for all wedding guests.  Then for the bonus, after your wedding you receive a gift card to Macy’s with a percentage of the total from all the wedding gifts that were purchased for you.  After my wedding, we received a $50 gift card in the mail – and hardly anyone had even purchased from our registry.  $50 of free shopping?  Yes please!!

So head on over to Macy’s to finish your holiday shopping and be sure to drop off your letters to Santa and they will donate to Make-A-Wish!


  1. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a long
    time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give
    you a shout out from Kingwood Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic

  2. Jess says:

    Saved aѕ a favorite, I like your ωebsіte!

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