Sep 3

September Essentials

September is a transitional month here in Northern Michigan and sometimes it can be hard to predict exactly this month will bring. Warm temperatures are gracing us this Labor Day weekend, extending boating and beach seasons for a little while longer. However there’s alway a chance that we could see some frosty mornings by the end of the month.

apple picking in Northern Michigan

The Northern Michigan children will go back to school this upcoming week. The tourist will stay home and wait for the color tours of October. Seasonal homes will begin to close and get ready for the winter months ahead.

Typing that makes the month sound a little depressing, but it really is a beautiful month. There are apples to be harvested, flowers are still in bloom and the sunrises across our property are breathtaking in the autumn months.

It’s really an ideal time to visit Northern Michigan, as you won’t have to fight near as many crowds (or traffic!) and while you need to pack a couple layers of clothing, it’s still overall very pleasant and mild – great weather for exploring nature trails, biking and shopping around our cute harbor towns.

The only word of caution I have – check the weather and be prepared for rain and/or wet grass. While I don’t really have the mindset that it rains a lot in September, it is statistically Michigan’s rainiest month. There are also large temperature swings, meaning you might be wearing a thick quilted coat in the morning and a t-shirt and shorts by the afternoon.

Below are a few of my favorite finds for this month to either kick start your packing if you’re headed north, or just help you survive if you’re a local like us.

All products can be shopped directly here, through my LTK page.


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