Jan 23

Pep Talks: Hovering over the “Send” Button

I have chatted about fear before.  But that doesn’t mean I have overcome all of mine.  So here we are again… I’m thinking about the risks we take every day.  They may be large or small, but they still exist.  Every time you leave the safety of your own house there’s a chance that something good or bad could happen to you.  There’s a chance something could happen if you stay at home too.  But most of us don’t stay cooped up, afraid to exit our front doors because we could get hit by a bus or attacked by a swarm of angry bees.  We can’t think about all the bad things that could possibly happen to us.

Aqua wedding ideas

Remember when the weather was warm and we could eat outside?  {Sigh} Photo by Bradley James Photography

Earlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to see the Zac Brown Band in concert.  Awesome. I highly recommend.  As I was standing there watching them perform, a line to one of their songs really hit me, “You may fall down on your face, roll the dice and have some faith”.  I have heard the song a hundred times.  But for some reason it really resided with me that night.  I made a silent vow to myself; I was going to take more risks.

So here I am, twenty days later dreaming about an idea, reaching out to others in the industry and afraid to hit the “send” button.  What if they think it’s dumb?  Why are we so scared to taking chances?  I hate that I care so much what others think!

But I do.  Even though I try to tell myself that I don’t, that I need to make myself happy and do what’s best for my family.  “Roll the dice and have some faith.”  Faith.  Faith.  Faith.  That’s what I need.  You don’t know if you don’t ask, right?

What are you scared to fight for?  Is it worth the risk?


  1. Im no expert, but I believe you just made an excellent point. You clearly comprehend what youre talking about, and I can definitely get behind that. Thanks for being so upfront and so genuine.

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