Jul 31

Our Social Connection

Social media is this worldwide phenomenon that keeps us oh so connected with people that we might otherwise never see or speak to, or at least have a very limited contact to.  Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram I can now know what my high school crush’s first baby not only looks like, but also know the exact moment that they took their first steps and said “mama”.  I am able to connect with other wedding professionals across the country and see the mock ups they created for their clients today or know that they’re having a slow week.  Through the magic of selfies I now know exactly how much eye make-up my friends are wearing, if they are having a bad hair day and what shade of pink their blouse is.  I see when someone splurged on a new Coach bag, is drinking coffee at their desk, in the middle of a brand re-launch or if their hubby bought them flowers “just because”.  I feel so connected.

But am I really???

While we might post the random comment expressing a strong distaste for some political movement or a fit of road rage, we really don’t let our true selves shine through.  In reality, we create this online “virtual version” of ourselves, sharing only the side of us that we really want people to see, usually the more positive one.  We showcase our fabulous lives, the glitz and the glam, nights out on the town and the high end purchases we just made on our huge shopping spree.  What we don’t share is the credit card debt or the blisters on our toes from the amazing 4 inches heels that you just had to party like a rock star in.  In a sense we’re branding ourselves.  We’re all our own paparazzi and PR professionals.  We broadcast our lives in the light that we want others to see it in.

I don’t really know what it’s like to be you.  I don’t know what makes your worry or how insecure you are about your next move in life.  I may read your blog and see your triple post across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (is it really that important that I see it all three times???), but what I don’t know what really makes you tick, what’s keeping you up at night or gets under your skin.  Since I have a this false sense of knowledge about how peachy your life is, I use it as an excuse not to pick up the phone and call or meet for coffee and stay really connected.  The sound of people’s voices is becoming a piece of the past as text replaces talk.

We laugh that future generations won’t know how to write, other than the short hand versions we use in texting and proper grammar might be lost forever.  But could we also loose the feeling of actual human contact as well?

Just some thoughts on my mind lately, as I have found that I compare myself to other professionals, thinking the grass is much greener on their side of the fence (or town or country).  I am discouraged by their success not taking into account their failures.   I by no means am saying that I’m getting rid of social media or dislike checking my Facebook page and Instagram feed, I just want to keep things in perspective.  I love to see what others are up to. I want to see your vacations photos and be jealous of your time at the beach. I enjoy seeing your children grow and your thoughts on life.  Sometimes you even inspire me.  But I also want to see the real live version of your face and connect on a more personal level.  I want you to know that I really do care and I want to be you friend, to share your sorrows, joys and all life’s happy moments.

Best Friends

Photo by Shannon Scott {Smug Shots}

Let’s create friendships that last!!



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