Jul 28

After “I Do”

I generally try not to blog or do any work on a Sunday.  Sunday’s are that amazing day every week where we can sit back and relax, take a nap after church and possibly not plan anything at all and just let the day happen.

However, sometimes my brain doesn’t really get that memo.  I find myself daydreaming about wedding plans, designs and colors.  I’m guilty of looking at other’s sneak peeks from the weekend’s wedding and events.  I’m thinking about my upcoming brides, with upcoming plans, both in the distant future and in the upcoming week.  And even if I can manage to steer my mind away, I my mind just wonders to thoughts about home décor and I find myself staring at the hideously awful green color of my living room/office.

So in all the wedding magazines, websites and planning tools I stumbled across, in combination of advice and words of wisdom from family and friends, I don’t feel that anyone really prepared me for this.  This being the I’ve-been-married-3-years-live-in-a-“starter”-home-have-a-baby-a-career-and-want-life-to-be-perfect stage of life. Sure people gave me useless pieces of advice like “You must fall in love over and over again, with the same person” or warnings that the first year of marriage would be the toughest (which I do not agree with!)  But how could you really prepare for this?  How can you warn people what being married is like?

I just read that… warn people.  Is that really what I meant?  Certainly not! But sometimes, yes.  Each year, month, week, day and hour brings a new challenge of married life.  So I debate… should I share these challenges with you?  Should someone give you a little glimpse of the life that comes after “I do”?  It’s a battle and balance between personal and professional, a line that I’m constantly trying to keep in check. But I can’t help but wonder, what exactly are the marriages I’m helping to create going to be like?

I promised myself I would never help my couples do all the planning for their wedding, walk down the aisle and then just leave, never to be seen or heard from again.  So in starting to share a little bit more of my day to day life, I hope to help inspire and encourage those of you who might find yourself in a “rough patch” of marriage or just feeling blah and depressed for the day.  We all feel that way, even those of us who seemingly have a perfect life, from the outside looking in anyway.  Let’s move into Married Land together and learn from each other as we start this life “After I Do.”

Shelby Ferguson and Gretta by Hetler Photography

Oh, and you know that rhyme, “First comes love, then comes marriage…” well this is Gretta a couple months ago, she arrived in the “baby carriage” last November.  Kellie of Hetler Photography worked her magic and took some amazing pictures of the two of us back in May (Gretta was about 5 months).



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