Jan 26

Original Recipe :: Delphiniums & Yellow Blooms

A couple weeks ago I was asked to create an very special arrangement.  I was given a loose set of instructions and told to do my thing.  So I let my mind wonder and creativity soon took over and I crafted a piece I was truly proud of.  But recipes, colors and instructions are open to different interpretations as I very quickly learned upon delivering my floral arrangement.   And it’s not to say that any one floral designer is right or wrong, but their vision, style and perceptions of color and floral pairing preferences are all different.

I was asked to create using yellows and white, with delphiniums and touches of lavender.  And since it’s winter, we thought evergreens should be used along with some twigs and more masculine touches, this wasn’t meant to be my typical “girly” flower arrangement.

So I began to compose my display using these ingredients –

Yellow & Blue floral recipe | The Day's Design

Ivory roses, Yellow spray roses, Ivory Stock (which is actually a buttery, pale yellow color), Evergreen branches, Delphinium, Sahara Roses and Blue Thistle. 

In addition to the above ingredients, I also went on a little winter foraging adventure in search of twigs — I found the most perfect ones, complete with small blue berries — I just had to dig them out of the snow.

With the same loose instructions, another artist was inspired to create with the flowers pictured below — a combination of flowers that had never even occurred to me but again just shows how it never hurts to show some extra attention to detail while being very visual in your descriptions.  And the only argument I might make is regarding the snapdragons and carnations, which I consider more of a fuchsia rather than a lavender.

Purple and Yellow Flowers | The Day's Dream Blog

They choose a darker shade of delphinium and a brighter yellow bloom, but they’re still within the original description.  The pine used was a longer needle, probably white pine and I’m not really sure the one terra cotta rose really fits with the other flower choices but I’m trying not to judge.

Using my recipe, here’s what I created –

Delphinium and Rose Centerpiece | The Day's Design

While this certainly is not the most beautifully photographed arrangement (I’m so sorry for the icky Iphone photos!) I think it’s important to understand why I ask my clients so many questions about their wedding day and what EXACTLY they’re hoping for.  It’s not only because I’m nosy, it’s because I want to make sure our imaginations are traveling on the same road together.  I never assume anything and always try to incorporate a few pictures or visual examples of designs.




  1. Lauren Wiebe says:

    SUCH a good post, Shelby! I love the final comparison (and obviously your arrangement!!) because that just shows exactly how important it is for a bride to figure out what she likes, as well as for the planner/designer to understand what the clients wants. Your arrangement is stunning!

  2. Julie says:

    Your interpretation is much more cohesive and balanced. I agree that the snapdragons and carnations in the other arrangement are not lavender and I find them distracting. This just speaks to your professionalism and attention to detail.

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