May 2

May Essentials

I’m starting a new series focusing on all of your needs, and let’s face it, my needs as well. As the month of May is now here, so is a renewed hope for spring. However, May can absolutely be a mixed bag. It’s currently snowing, I saw cars with as much as 3 inches of snow piled on top at school drop off this morning. For the most part though, those extreme temperatures should be gone and by the end of the month I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to put away our winter gear for good.

Foraged Lilacs | Townline Journal

By Memorial Day, the school will be finishing, lilacs should be in bloom and the travelers and summer tenants will be making their way here for the summer.

My goal is to help you prepare for this glorious month. Whether you’re a local, a transplant, a tourist or just passing through on your way to another destination, I’ve got a list of things that you’ll want to make sure you have handy for any Northern Michigan adventures in May.

Let’s start with a peek at the forecast. Keep in mind that these are very much averages and layered clothing will be key this month. These are also average for Harbor Springs and the temperate can very a lot depending upon location and proximity to the water. Right next the water tends to be a little cooler, with a natural breeze. However if you go farther inland, such as Gaylord, they’ll have lower nighttime temperatures because they don’t have the lake keeping them insulated. I don’t understand all the the science there, but I’m told that’s true. The quickest way I can sum it up? I will start working on my suntan this month, our last frost date is May 26, but we’ll need to mow our lawn next week even through its snowing today – makes complete sense, right?

Now that we’re completely confused about May’s climate, let me help you navigate all of that and prepare for the beautiful month ahead.

Rain boots: 8 days of rain, but lots of mornings wet grass. My hunter boots are my favorite, stylish and casual at the same time.

Soft Sided Cooler: This is my favorite striped one, it collapses for easy packing, keeps food cold and will be prefect for bringing home fresh asparagus from the market.

Duffle Bag: I found this one on Amazon that would be perfect for a weekend trip up north. Waterproof and lightweight, it could also double for a trip to the beach or boat.

Umbrella: look how cute this fringed one is!? Give yourself some shade at the beach or put it in the middle of your picnic table.

Floral Raincoat: I have this coat and love it. Its perfect to dress up or down.

Carhartt Coat: I have this one too, it’s a little heavier weight and waterproof.

Waterbottle: make sure you stay hydrated and fill your water bottle with lots of water from the fresh springs found locally downtown.

Pruners: perfect for clipping all of May’s blooms

Sunglasses: when it’s not raining, you’ll need some of these. My husband bought me these ones of my birthday and I love them, they’re so stylish and comfortable.

Mesh bags: I’m told these are essential for storing the Morel mushrooms you may find. I don’t personally like them but people rave about them and May is the time to hunt for these treasures.

As much as I’m excited for May, June will be here before you know it bringing along my favorite Michigan season.


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