Dec 30

Married in a Month

Winter Wedding | The Day's Design | Katie Grace Photography

Photography: Katie Grace Photography | Floral Design: The Day’s Design

Happy Engagement Season!  So cheesy, right?  But I read somewhere that nearly 40% of all proposals that take place each calendar year happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve.  And if that weren’t crazy enough, there’s another big burst ready to happen as soon as Valentine’s strikes.

This means that wedding vendors (myself included) are getting bombarded with inquires and people trying to plan their weddings – some for this year, and some for next – because it really depends on the individual as to how much time they need to plan their wedding.

Which brings me to my next point, how much time do you need?  I know I’ve touched on this subject before (you can read that post here), but earlier this year I worked with a bride  that decided she didn’t really know what tomorrow might bring so, forget the long engagement, let’s get married next month (she also happened to be my sister… eep, that was challenge #2!) .  For real.

How in the world do you make that happen!?

First and foremost, develop a plan and stick to it.  There’s no room for second guessing yourself or changing your minds.  Have a few ideas of what you want your wedding to look like, feel like and the overall formality levels but remain just a little flexible.

Hopefully this spontaneous event is on the skirt or off season for weddings.  This will be so helpful.  Finding vendors a year out is tricky enough, but a month out?  Well that’s a whole new can of worms.  Remain flexible and open to recommendations from vendors who might be already booked but know someone with a similar style or budget.

Find a venue ASAP.  You have to get invitations or you won’t have any guests.  And it’s rather difficult to send out invites if you don’t have a location.  Most weddings planned on such a short notice have a smaller guest count and tend to be more casual, so consider what’s really important to you.  Will a restaurant or bed and breakfast do?  Do you need a place for a DJ and dancing?  Can the ceremony and reception take place in the same spot?

Stay away from diy projects.  They’re tricky enough when you have 9 -18 months to complete them, but on such short notice you’re just asking to be stressed out.

Find a planner.  Seriously.  I’m giving you a sales pitch here but they can save you so much wasted time and frustration.  If for nothing else, hire them on an hourly basis for consulting and let them steer you in the right direction.

Pray that you can find a dress off the rack.  We can’t have you walking down the aisle in your pj’s.  However lots of department stores also offer bridal selections, or at least formal white or ivory gowns that can be ordered and arrive within a weeks’ time.  You’re going to have to give up the dream of a custom, couture gown.  Sorry.

So what do you think, is a quick engagement right for you?  At the end of the day, you’re married and that’s the most important thing.  You’ve found the man of your dreams now you just have to figure out how to pair the perfect wedding with him.



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