Dec 3

Little Sister Getting Married {Invitations are Out!}

Vintage Engagement photos

I have had doodles, designs and to-do lists scattered about my desk for months now, all revolving around my little sister’s wedding.  I am so excited for her and I keep going back to the plans trying to figure out how to make this the absolute wedding of her DREAMS.  Now, admittedly I must say that I’m a little closer to this bride than my other clients, sorry, but it’s true.  That being said, there’s a little more of an emotional connection there and sometimes I literally have to stop myself from jumping up and down when I’m in the planning stages.

November has been a month full of showers and parties all revolving around my dear sister.  Invitations also went out last month (and as my mother said, “Well, it looks like we’re having a wedding!”) and RSVPs are starting to roll in.  I just got an email from the fabulous Brad and Sam (of Bradley James Photography – who also took the above photo)and they’re hoping to tie up loose ends with them very soon.  Eek… now I just had that “This is really happening” moment!!

This glittery, vintage, wintery wonderland affair is definitely going to be one for the books and I cannot wait until January!!



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