May 11

Life’s Little Moments

Do the little things in life make you excited?  I mean, there are these great moments in life that are huge, life changing make you want to scream from the rooftop and give you tingles all over… your first kiss, the day he proposed, walking down the aisle and saying “I do” and life after that, your first baby being born or even the moment that you find out your pregnant.  But what about all those insignificant details in between?

Take a couple moments to appreciate the “little things” today.  Stop and look at the pretty green leaves that have finally returned to us.  Find pleasure in a stranger’s smile.  Enjoy your late morning cup of coffee.  Call your mom, it’s a day early, but I’ll be she’ll be surprised!

Remember to live a little between the “big moments”.  Sometimes it is the journey that’s far more important than the destination.  Some days I simple take a break from work and play with my baby girl, yes I could be doing the dishes that are piled in my sink or making my bed… but her smile is more important.  Sometimes having a cup of coffee with my husband it more momentous that an elaborate date night.  Find something beautiful in the everyday.

How do you feel when the sun comes out after a day of rain?  It just brings a smile to my face.  It’s a reminder of balance; we would not appreciate it so much without the gloomy times.

The Day's Inspiration - Happy Moments

Image via Pinterest

I had a happy moment today… I hope you find one too!



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