May 8

How to Please Everyone on Your Wedding Day {The Groom}

“I was nervous, anxious, excited and most of all…happy. I was marrying the woman I love and knew I was able to spend the rest of my life with her.”

the Groom

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A couple weeks ago I shared a post about pleasing everyone on your wedding day, giving  little snippets about many of the people involved. You may have noticed that it was titled “How to Please Everyone on Your Wedding Day {Part 1} – meaning there’s more to the story.   So rather than being some wedding junky who rambles on, speculating about how others might feel about the weddings their involved in, I started asking around.

I am going to continue this series with the Groom.  He has a pretty significant role in the wedding process, even though he is often forgotten.  Other than deciding on his tux or suit, it seems like there are very few other decisions that really concern him.  From my small sampling of men, I found this is how your groom really feels (and I promised them it would remain anonymous, so sorry, I cannot name my sources!)

Based on my research, it seems that guys feel a lot of pressure in the time before the actual wedding planning begins, we’ll call it the proposal planning.  Once the question is popped, life becomes a little easier and they can breathe and get rid of those will-she-say-yes jitters.

After that, guess what?   Sorry brides, but guys don’t care about the little details and particulars!  You may have already figured that out by the glazed over look your man gets every time you start “wedding talk.”  They really wish you’d stop working so hard and just enjoy being engaged.  It is only for a very limited time that you can call him your fiancé.   While most of the guys definitely show some concern for details like the weather, and making sure the guests have a great time, their biggest focus is marrying the woman of their dreams.

“I wish my wife [then fiancé] wasn’t so involved in the whole thing.  I know this sounds negative because we had a GORGEOUS wedding…we had to do everything ourselves and I think it took a huge toll on my wife and our families.”

 “I think the most important part of the day for me was being able to watch my beautiful bride walk down the aisle toward me and have her dad give her away to me, knowing we were starting our new lives together.”

“The actual ceremony [was the most important part of the wedding day]…. I also wanted to make sure all of our guests had fun too!”

Those nervous, anxious pre-proposal butterflies do seem to sneak back up on our men right before the ceremony, but I think it’s just the excitement.  Once the ceremony is over, everyone can let loose and celebrate!

So ladies, how do you make this a great experience for your man?  Stop bugging him with the little things – simplify the details, keep the main focus of your wedding on the beautiful life you two will be building together, and have fun!



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