Jul 24

July’s Garden Update

I did a little “gardening” today.  The quotes are very much needed because my efforts growing flowers this summer have been pitiful, to say the least.  If growing weeds were the real mission, I would be a pro.  I was thinking today back to spring when my dreams of ruffly blooms and handgrown goodness were thriving.  That was a time when I didn’t have to feel ashamed of my failures and when I was full of excitement (you had read all about these pleasent dreams here).

This spring I started some seedlings.  I had excellent intensions and my husband and I worked hard designing a garden layout, measuring and planning, mowing, tilling and preparing the land.  But we needed to work harder.  Nothing ever turns out to be as easy as anticipated, not that I really imagined planting a garden would be easy, but just the same, there were challenges that I failed to expect.  It seemed to rain on nearly every day we had set aside for land prep.  The tiller broke.  And the tall grasses currently taking up residence on that plot of land just refused to give up.

I had started some seeds prior to planting.  Day by day, my hopes of getting them in the ground diminished.  Finally, I swept that dream to the side and admitted defeat.  It was a sad day and I’m a little embarrassed about the entire process.  No rows of glorious sweet peas or cosmos.  My zinnias never ever left this seed packets. Time was not our friend. All I can do at this point as hope for better luck next year.

However, we did manage to get a portion of the original layout into planting condition.  While my mixed flower beds are going to have to wait, I decided to focus my energy on my dahlias.  I ordered just a couple of different varieties, from a couple different suppliers and crossed my fingers.  They were planted in the middle of last month.  A little late, but better late than never.

So far, I’m seeing progress.  Within a week’s time, there were little shoots standing proudly on the sky’s side of the soil.  Little by little, the leaves have unfolded and more green has graced the garden floor.  It’s so interesting watching the stages of growth and various sizes of foliage present.  These pictures were all taken earlier today of the various varieties, even though they look more like I tracked the progress of one plant.

I have the most café au lait dahlias.  Looking at my wedding season ahead, this is the one I will find the most use for in the coming months and I’m desperately hoping that they bloom.  The plants look healthy and strong.

Cafe au Lait Dahlias | The Day's Design

Above: Cafe au Lait Dahlia

I also took a chance on an anemone mix.  I’m not really sure what colors will burst forth when these blooms finally make their appearance, but something on the grower’s website did appeal to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have ordered them.  But in this moment, I can’t remember much about them.  They are the largest plants in my garden area right now so I’ll take that as a positive sign.

Above: Anemone Mix Dahlia

Lastly, I ordered just a couple of plants from Floret Flowers.  I’m seeing very little growth from these tubers and am pretty disappointed. I’m certainly not blaming Floret, I’m sure it’s operator error on my part.  Two out of the four tubers haven’t shown any signs of life yet and the other two are barely peeking out of the ground.  At this rate, it may be a miracle if they bloom before the first frost, but we shall see.

Dahlia Tuber | The Day's Design

Above: Mystique Dahlia 

So gardening, that’s my progress report and my sad little tale to share.  I do have a few perennials in bloom in a space I created last year, so at least there’s a little color in my world.  And oodles of overgrown grapevine, so if you need any of those, you know where to find me.

This is the land where foraging is king.


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