May 2


If you were to take a trip to the house where I grew up, you’d head a few miles outside of a small town.  Travel down a dirt road framed by a perfect archway of oak and maple trees and land at a dusty driveway just beyond a swampy ditch full of cattails.  There sits a small blue house on 2 acres, with a miniature hill (perfect for sledding), an above ground pool (with a semi-circle deck hand built by my dad) and an old aluminum swing set in the back yard. This was home.

Each summer, my mother and I planted flowers around the edge of said pool, the side that wasn’t framed by the wooden deck.  This is where I learned to plant and sow, how I watch the magic of seeds becoming sprouts and transforming into beautiful blooms.  I suppose this may be where my love of flowers really came from.

I have magical memories of this time in my life.  Memories of collecting dandelions, wondering barefoot in the yard until the grass became too crunchy under the summer’s heat and squishing wild mushrooms beneath my shoes, despite my dad telling me not to.   I still recall the scent of the honeysuckle that climbed up the trellis providing shade to our back deck’s swing.  The rose bushes that were nestled beneath our bay window kept mesmerized for years.

Today I seek to recapture that magic, with my two girls by my side, we forage, plant and arrange nature’s bounty – transforming flowers from around the world into a one of a kind wedding display crafted especially for you.  Moving to the country has given me this gift.  We have acreage to explore and adventures to be had.  This year, I’m even planting a few of my own seeds, even if I’m not exactly known for having a green thumb.  I no longer have an excuse to at least try.  And when I successfully grow a flower to place into a bride’s bouquet, I know that will be the highlight of my summer.

Photography: Hetler Photography

Garden plans are in the works and my seed packets have arrived, some of them are already standing tall in their starter trays. I’m so excited to share the progress (or failure!) that lies ahead.  I’m going to grow some flowers this year.


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