Mar 6

I am 29!!!!

I just had that “Holy crap, I’m 29!” realization.  Now here’s the thing, I’ve been 29 now for almost 2 months but suddenly I feel like I’m 29… and next year…{gulp} I’ll be 30.

So what does this mean?  I’ve been out of high school for over 10 years.  I can’t even pretend that I understand “today’s teenager” or that I can even come close to competing with their technology and pop culture understandings.  I sound like an old lady.  And while I might try to improve upon this a touch, I’m still going to jam to my oldies radio.

On the plus side, I’m finally starting to get comfortable in my own skin.  I have figured out my dream job and while I’m still tweaking it a bit, I’m on a good, solid path.  I still love fashion – but fashion my way.  I’m a mom.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to pull out the “mom jeans” anytime soon, but it also means that I don’t feel like I need to adhere as much to the “Mean Girl” practices of high school.  And I’d like everyone to like me but that’s really not realistic.  So just stick to your guns and be who you are – I know I’m going to make someone mad along the way, they’ll get over it.

At age 29, I still don’t know everything.  Even though when I was a teenager I thought I had most of it figured out.  This morning I had to Google what an ampersand is… all I can say is thank goodness for Google, where were you when I was in school?

If only I could have told myself 10-15 years ago that all the weird, quirky and unique traits that I had would come in handy today.  Maybe I wouldn’t have tried so hard to bury them and “conform”.  Oh the lessons learned!

So here’s my 29 year old self, making some pretty for an event – or at least supervising while Rachel does all the work!  Thanks for the laugh, Eliza Jean Photography!!

Wedding Planners | The Day's Design & Sincerely Ginger | Eliza Jean Photography


  1. Kellie says:

    29 rocks and so do you!! My sister and I just had an ampersand conversation! lol

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