Mar 5

How to Create a Blushy Mauve & Blue Celebration

Colors I’m seeing a lot of this year aren’t too far off from what I’ve been working with in previous years.  Still lots of blush, which seems to morph a little more into mauve and blue.  Lots and lots of blue.  Now living by the lakeshore, I’m not sure that blues will ever completely fade away.  And I’m completely okay with that.

Obviously there are hundreds of different ways to go about using these colors.  Bridesmaids dresses, table clothes, napkins, ribbons, soft seating, flowers… the list goes on. Often I think one of the biggest struggles when trying to piece together the various parts of your event decor is understanding what’s actually available from shops or rental places near you. We see lots of inspiration image floating around in magazines and online, but sometimes it’s just one tabletop or dinner party being shown.  Figuring out how to recreate that on a larger scale, when you have 20 guest tables can be a bit more challenging.  It might look really cool to have a bunch of handmade custom vases from a local artist on the table (and I completely support shopping local!) but at $25-75 each or more, that’s not always easily achievable for an entire celebration.

The other challenge is knowing how to balance the colors.  How to make it make it feel like a peaceful, serene and utterly romantic wedding day (which is how I personally percieve this color comb0) rather than just splashing these 3 colors in every which direction.  Chosing an item simply because it fits with your color scheme isn’t always the best idea.  Things can start to feel polka-dotted or overwhelming… and planning a wedding is overwhelming enough!

My goal is to show off pieces in my inventory, or available from companies that I regularly work with, to bring the event vision to life.Blush, Mauve & Dusty Blue Wedding Ideas

We’re starting with a pastel or neutral linen.  I’m suggesting a patterned one, but not too bold.  Then pairing it with a simple white napkin. Depending upon how busy the reception space is, you could replicate this look on all the tables or even invert the design, creating some tablescapes with solid linens and using the patterened napkins.  Overall though, I love the look of a textured or slightly patterned linen and the way it enhances the overall look of the reception. If I had to place a first place vote, it would be using this patterened linen that says blush, but also leans mauve.  It’s a little classic without being old school  The texture is classy and earthy all at the same time.

Vases and vessels are not always the statement pieces of a room.  But for this look, I’m suggesting using a bold navy and slate tones which will add in the blue to our color scheme.  The blue glass vases will give a classic, timeless appeal but pairing them with the slate blue ceramic ones will give it a modern edge.  Of course this only translates to budvases in my personal inventory, I’d most likey just use a simple white or gold vessel for my more classic compote style centerepieces.

Next I want to layer in modern gold flatware, for a couple reasons.  First off, I love the way it ties in with the gold on the navy glass vases.  Secondly, gold flatware always feels fresh, like an extra layer of thought was put into the place settings, but not in an overly fussy way because it’s functional.  Functional details don’t feel over extravegant because they are necessary.  You have to use plates and flatware, you might as well make them beautiful.Blush, Mauve & Dusty Blue Wedding IdeasBlush, Mauve & Dusty Blue Wedding Ideas

Now that we have our table base, let’s talk flowers.  I want fluffy romance.  Lots of texture pairs well with this in soft tones.  Fresh whites with kisses of mauve and blush.

If we want to explore the color use into attire, let’s use a little blush and a little navy.  Yes, we’ve seen it before but that doesn’t make it any else beautiful.

Blush, mauve and blue wedding ideas

wedding party photograph: Kelly Sweet Photography


From ballroom, tent to barn… this color palette is so transitional.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Blush, Mauve & Dusty Blue Wedding Ideas


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