Dec 4

Gretta’s 5th Birthday Party

This time of year is busy.  Not in the same way the wedding season wears me down, but in a entirely different family gathering every weekend and endless hours spent on my own holiday decor type of way.  And then for some reason we had a baby in November and her birthday falls on Thanksgiving weekend every year.  I’m fairly certain she’s going to grow up thinking that turkey is her birthday dinner.

I’m making my best mom effort to try and give her birthday its own special attention.  We did go Christmas tree shopping on her birthday, which to me personally would be the best present ever.  We also had a very special unicorn lunch celebration which honored her and her 5 little years here on earth exclusively.

We started the day opening a special new unicorn outfit in our jammies.  There was lots of family, balloons and a very special unicorn cake, made by her daddy (because if I would have made it, that would have been one huge Pinterest fail!)  Here are just a few pictures from the small celebration.

5th Birthday Party5th Birthday Party5th Birthday Party5th Birthday Party5th Birthday Party5th Birthday Party5th Birthday PartyPink Birthday PartyUnicorn Birthday PartyUnicorn Birthday PartyUnicorn Birthday CakeUnicorn Birthday Cake5th Birthday Party

Happy 5th Birthday Gretta!




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