Jun 9

Flower Recipe :: Irises

Sometime in the history of our home, irises were planted along our front driveway.  They line the entire barrier wall, which starts at the end of the driveway leading up to the house.   It’s now our third summer seeing them bloom.  The first year, I only noticed the vibrant blue ones and vaguely remember wondering why there was one plant that was different.  It didn’t fit in and I immediately thought I didn’t like it.

Last year though, I paid close attention to that “different” plant.  I fell in love with the subtly varying tones.  Shades of mauve, purple and even yellow drew me in.  I was fascinated by the fact that so many tones could be seen on one bloom.  This year, I wanted in anticipation for them to bloom again, secretly plotting how I would add them to an arrangement.

Finally the time has arrived.  I had hoped to book a wedding this weekend, I was in talks with a lovely bride who was dreaming of a luscious amethyst and mauve celebration to take place this weekend.  But apparently it was not to be, despite my dreaming of placing these amazing flowers in her bridal bouquet.

Purple and Yellow iris | TownLine Journal

I gathered a few other ingredients from the yard, as well a couple carnations that I happen to have laying around the house and put together a quick arrangement, in a cereal bowl, none the less.

Iris flower recipe

I started creating this arrangment. Photographed it.  And then I reevaluated.

Iris Centerpiece | TownLine JournalIris Centerpiece | TownLine Journal

I fluffed it some more, added a couple other goodies and then carried it around the house to photograph in a couple different locations, just for fun.

Iris Centerpiece | TownLine Journal Iris Centerpiece | TownLine JournalIris Centerpiece | TownLine Journal

What’s growing in your yard right now?  Any ingredients have you inspired?  I’d love to hear about them.  Follow along for my weekly flower feature on Instagram with #TLJfloweroftheweek.



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