Jun 10

Featured :: Styled Boudoir Editorial on 100 Layer Cake

The sensual side of being a woman.  That’s what I’d really like to entitle this project.  It’s not about raunchy, racy photos of women in the nude but a reminder that we’re all beautiful and our own kind of sexy.   It’s about the lingering glance behind long lashes.   It’s the she simplicity of timeless lace.  It’s the flower in your hand that so desperately wants to be held.

Today women get so focused on power and not being left behind in a man’s shadow.  We’re out to prove that we’re strong and capable.  And while there’s nothing wrong with that, we also need to remember what makes us unique.  There’s a reason that we are different from men.  We get to do things and experience the world in a way that will forever remain a mystery to the male population.

This project with Ashley Slater reminds us of that.  It reminds us to embrace our inner and outer beauty.  We are feminine, classy and romantic beings.  And today you can see it through our feature over on 100 Layer Cake.

Bridal Boudoir | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

Photography & Art Direction: Ashley Slater Photography | Styling & Floral Design: The Day’s Design | Venue: Park Trade Center | Hair & Makeup: Sarah Boucher | Calligraphy: Wildfield Paper Co. | Robes & Jewelry: Spring Sweet Bridal | Ring Boxes: The Mrs. Box

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