A couple months ago I got in touch with a bride who had discussed using my services, but never really committed.  Just as a friendly follow-up, I dropped her a little note to say hello and see if she needed any help.

Her response was no, she’s more of a DIY bride.

Peach and Orange Centerpiece

Photo by Shannon Scott Photography {Smug Shots}

If you’re a reader of the Every Last Detail blog, then you probably saw Lauren’s post about DIY weddings today.  This is actually something that’s been on my mind for quite some time now, and I did not really know how to go about explaining the complications of the DIY bride without trying to sell my services.

In reading Lauren’s post, you’ll realize DIY can have lots of interpretations.   And even the DIY bride needs help sometimes.  It is completely okay to admit that you’ve bit off more than you can chew, and seek assistance.  There are even people (such as myself!) who will sit down and help you craft those DIY projects!!

Hiring vendors does not mean that your wedding becomes less personal and handmade details need to be lost.  Hiring vendors simply means that you understand your limits and the limits of loved ones around you, and you’re willing to admit that you simply cannot do it all.

Let’s stay stress free and enjoy this beautiful West Michigan weather we have had this week!!



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