Feb 18

Creating vs. Pinning

The last couple of days I’ve been a little Pinterest obsessed.  I had gotten away from it for a while but it really is a great resource for capturing ideas that you love.  Generally as I’m out and about in on the world wide web and I come across a picture, a bouquet or whatever else is lovely, I pin it.  And occasionally as I’m looking for ideas for an upcoming project, I go back to those lovelies that I previously pinned because I found them inspiring.


I have had many others comment on my boards that I’ve put together – they love my style!  Here’s my problem with that statement.  The things that I pin are what inspire my style, they are what I find visually pleasing but they aren’t things that I actually created.  So is that really my style?

“I know what I like when I see it, but I don’t know how to create it”.  I’ve heard that way too many times.  That’s why you brought in an expert – because you don’t know how to create it yourself.  Unfortunately, even the “experts” might not be about to duplicate it since it isn’t their work.

This goes for anyone in the creative industry that is using Pinterest.  Loving their pins is an awesome first step.  However, don’t book someone just because they can source beautiful inspirations from around the internet. Make sure the events, florals, pictures or paper goodies they create also show off the style that you love.  You don’t want them to copy these pins, just create the same essence that made you fall in love with the pin in the first place.

Examine the artist’s actual work and ask to see things in their portfolio that is similar to what you’re seeking.  It’s okay to ask for a simple mock up or sketch, let them prove their abilities.  Who knows, maybe some of those pins were actually created by them!

Happy Planning (and Pinning)!


  1. Sara says:

    Fabulous advice!

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