Mar 27


One morning I woke up to a completely out of the blue email from dear Ashley, of Ashley Slater Photography.  She wanted to work with me sometime.  Me?  Yes, me!  A friendship quickly blossomed between the two of us as we realized our similar interests – weddings, Disney movies, babies and God – it was as if we were destine to become friends.

The amount of friendships that have blossomed in similar such manor since I have taken the plunge into the wedding industry has quite remarkable.  In fact, it has been one of my favorite yet most unexpected parts of this journey.

Have you ever read someone’s online profile and just know the two of you would be friends?  It happens, almost like in internet dating. Almost.

When Ashley told me about this workshop that she was dreaming up, her excitement was absolutely contagious.  And then she told me that she was partnered with Michaela and I just knew something fabulous was in the works and I needed to be a part!  I haven’t met this California girl yet, but I’m certain our virtual friendship will become something more when I see her face in June.

Gold & Pink flowers | The Day's Design | Ashley Slater Photography

Bloom | The Workshop is the dream turned reality coming to West Michigan.  And while the only credit I can take is adding some pretty petals to their website, I’m so excited for these ladies and I cannot wait for them to share their creative talents and business strategies with all of you.   Yes, you! You – the attendees that I have not met yet, but will see more of my flowers throughout that day.  You – sitting there thinking you wish you knew how to photograph and style some gorgeous content for your blog. You – the one who’s thinking they might actually take the plunge and start a blog or another completely awesome creative business. Or you – you who needs a big hug and a team of creatives to lean on as your journey through life.

Registration opened TODAY… go grab a seat!  Or read a little more from the geniuses behind the workshop, Ashley and Michaela.



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