Mar 28

What Would Happen?

Think back to the start of your last relationship.  When you met him, did you instantly feel sparks?  Where there butterflies in your tummy with just the whisper of his name and did you fall to sleep each night with memories of your last kiss warming your lips?

Holding Hands | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

Picture by Hetler Photography

Remember just walking around with a silly grin on your face for no real reason at all?  Oh and how you simply couldn’t wait until you could meet again.  You want to yell from the rooftops, twirl in the streets and tell every stranger that passes by – you’re in love!

When you have such an amazing relationship you want everyone to know, right?  You want to share it with the world!

What if we were that enthusiastic about God?  What if we couldn’t keep from smiling because of this great gift he has given us?  If we shared our relationship with every stranger that passed by… what would happen?  Would joy be contagious, cause dancing, celebration or laughter?  Would we start a revolution?  Would the world ever be the same?

What would happen?



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