May 24

Willa June’s First Birthday

We moved into our new house the weekend of Willa June’s first birthday.  I still don’t think life has slowed down much since that day, but needless to say, we postponed our little birthday celebration for a couple weeks so we at least could set a table and might have a few things out of boxes.  Does a 1 year old really understand what’s going on or that we’re hosting a party for her?  I dare say, no.  First birthday parties are for the family, for the parents and brothers and sisters and we made it sort of a house warming party of sorts as well.

Even though I wanted this to be a very casual gathering, every time I host anything at my home, I always feel like there’s this pressure to meet certain expectations.  Everything needs to be lovely – the food, the decor, the presentation.  I don’t think every dinner party needs to be Pinterest worthy or anything, but I do plan parties for a living, after all.  I was as laid back with the planning of this one as physically possible for me.

It seemed perfectly appropriate to add a few baby fawn touches, for the baby girl who’s daddy works at a whitetail ranch.  From cutting out rice crispy treats to the sweet little touches on her invitations, we embraced the subtly of country life.

First Birthday Party | The Day's DesignDeer First Birthday Invitations | Starwood Designs | The Day's DesignFirst Birthday Party | The Day's DesignDeer First Birthday Cake | The Day's DesignFawn Rice Crispy Treats | The Day's Design

First Birthday Party| The Day's Design

Simple Tabletop | The Day's DesignKitten Baby Shoes | The Day's DeisgnCat in Highchair | Vintage Aqua Highchair | The Day's DeisgnGretta James | The Day's DesignBaby Girl's First Birthday | The Day's DesignFirst Birthday Present | The Day's Design

Photography: Justine Simmonds  | Design: The Day’s Design | Invitations: Star & Arrow Designs

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