Jun 6

Why Does It Cost So Much?

Ever notice how much life costs?  Yeah, I figured you have.  It seems like you start a project, get all excited, plans made, blueprints drawn and then you start shopping.  And once you start shopping the totals just keep add up, and up.  And somehow, even though you had planned well and thought this was going to be simple it ended up costing so much more than originally estimated.

Why does it cost so much?

I’m not just talking about weddings, although there’s a huge case to be made for those (and you can read some follow blogger’s view on this subject here and here), but I think this is just plain old life in general.  I’m so completely guilty of wanting to stick it to the big companies and get the best deal possible, taking after my dad and doubling, then tripling coupons finding a rebate and then in the end the store actually pays me to take the item off their shelves.  Yup, this would call for a victory dance.  So in the same manor, I try to negotiate and barter and score the best deals with everyone, always shopping around and exploring all possibilities.  But somewhere down the line someone is feeling the pain of that discount.  They might be working extra jobs to make up in quantity what their profit margins are lacking. Or maybe they just have to live a little bit more modest life.  I don’t know those end stories.

What I can attest to is the surprisingly high costs of running a business and running life.  And I don’t like to talk about money, but it is a part of living every day.  As someone who runs their own business and wants to make you flowers for every occasion imaginable – for free—it pains me to say that my services don’t fit within your budget.  I want to plan a stress free wedding day for you just because you deserve it.  And I want to see a happy new married couple at the end of each day.

So here’s my biggest budgeting tip: plan for the unexpected.  Something unexpected will happen – whether you fall in love with a piece of furniture that just has to be part of your new décor or a tree falls through your roof, I think we need to remember we’re not in complete control of our surroundings and when something unexpected happens, sometimes it costs A LOT.

{Similarly this is a huge piece of wedding advice I pass along too – something unexpected will happen at your wedding.  Count on it.}

And then focus on the end goal.  As totals keep adding up, consider whether or not the extra item is really needed or if that money might be better suited somewhere else or even left in your pocket.  Remember what will truly make you happy.  Always focus on what matters most.

So why does it cost so much?  Because someone is trying to make a living by selling their product and services.  It’s as simple as that.

Donuts | Fall Weddings | The Day's Design | Unikke Photography

And be cause donuts are better than balance sheets (supposidly it’s National Donut Day!!), here’s a photo by Unikke Photography.



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