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What’s in a Name

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Back when I was in high school, I had this girlfriend who knew exactly what she was going to name her children.  She had great taste and the names she picked out were adorable.  But I couldn’t help but wonder about her determination to use these names.  What if her future husband didn’t like these names?  How could she be sure they’d stand the test of time and she’d still like them in 10 years?  I suppose I just didn’t have her same confidence.

This friend doesn’t currently have children, although I’m sure they’re in her future, I will be curious to see if she’s waivered on her naming decisions throughout the years.

The idea of naming something has been on my mind a lot lately.  As a mother of two children, I can attest to what a challenge it is picking the right name.  You worry about the uniqueness, the life consequences of your choice, if others will like it,  the way it sounds, the ease of pronunciation, the spelling, the meaning and significance and making sure that your cousin hasn’t chosen the same name – after all her baby will be born a month before yours.  As difficult as it is to name a child, it’s just as crazy difficult to name a business.  Sometimes even more so, because you’re trying to brand yourself and get a certain message across.

I have a couple people in my life lately who have been bouncing naming ideas off of me.  And it’s made me reflect back to when I was naming my own business and how I finally settled on The Day’s Design.

Truth be told, it was a decision I didn’t make with much confidence.  I certainly wasn’t full of resolve like my high school friend.  I was thinking a lot about weddings and I wasn’t really sure where this little entrepreneurial adventure was taking me yet.  I actually am a licensed cosmetologist, and much of my early wedding industry experience was doing hair on site for bridal party members.  I had an interest in wedding planning and a degree in hospitality.  I also had an interest in flowers.  Suddenly there was an opportunity knocking at my door for paid floral services and assistance with an event.  It was an awesome prospect that could potentially launch me into my future.  So I realized I needed business cards and my business needed a name on said card.

Regardless of what direction my business ultimate landed in, it was going to revolve around the wedding day.  This is the day that little girls dream of their entire life.  So The Day’s Design was born.  I had a couple other ideas picked out, and honestly I can’t even remember what they were now.  It was kind of like throwing darts in the dark, and that’s where my name landed.  But it seemed good, not too fluffy but wedding-ish.  And the best part was I could keep the name whether I decided to pursue hair or wedding planning.  I had a logo and business cards made and I was in business (kind of) as The Day’s Design :: Event Styling.

It was another year before I became officially official – quit your day job and register a DBA official – but this year will mark 5 years of official The Day’s Design business.  It’s come a long long ways since those early days of really girly designs and my burlap and lace website.

It was around year 3 that I really began to define myself and understand my own aesthetic and what I wanted to create.  Really, I’m still honing in on that, constantly evolving to be the best version of myself and my brand.  But around that time I wondered if I should change my name.  I knew at that point that I definitely wasn’t pursuing the cosmetology aspect and my name just seemed like 3 boring words thrown together.

I did a lot of thinking and soul searching during this time.  Again, I think branding is something that will constantly and forever be evolving throughout the course of one’s business.  I realized I could be dissatisfied in a couple more years with whatever new name I decided to choose.  However, I still wasn’t convinced.  Then one day as all these thoughts were swimming around in my head, there was another thought that joined.  I was reminded of a song I used to sing as a child, “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

This is the day. Suddenly my business name had dual meaning and it felt right.  God creates every day, the good ones and the bad ones.  He has made every single day in our lives, including your wedding day.  And we rejoice and celebrate on that day.  My business is filled with a heart of celebration and I was at peace in my naming struggle.

I’m going to hold out until fall before I ring the bells of 5 years celebrating.  There’s more brand evolution and a new website coming soon.  But for the moment I seeking contentment and celebration in each and every day that passes.


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