Apr 14

What is True Will Last

Vintage Inpired Wedding | Success | The Day's Design | Hetler Photography

The definition of success has been on my mind a lot lately.  And to be honest, there are days I don’t feel very successful.  There are days that I struggle, need all the pep talks in the world and still can’t find my motivation because it seems like I might never be successful.  The future does not always look sunny and bright.

But then I have to check myself because I’m basing my definition of success on worldly things.  Money does not equal success.  I think happiness is a much truer measuring stick.  Yes, there is some correlation between the two.  While money might not buy happiness, it definitely can make life a lot less stressful, and if my life were less stressful I’d call that a success!

At the age of 22, I had already had many bumps in my road.  I remember one day meeting with an old friend.  I believe his intentions were good as he was sharing with me about his new business venture and his success and all the money he was making.  I remember being wowed.   And then I felt small and lost my confidence.  I know this was not his intent, he wanted to inspire me.  But I felt like I wasn’t enough.

So I turned to writing, which has been a long time practice of mine whenever I’ve felt troubled or at a loss.  I remember writing these words like it was yesterday (although I can’t find where I actually wrote them).  Am I successful?  I have loved, I have lost.  I’ve been to the bottom and made my way back up again.  And at times I might still stumble but I’m still standing.  So am I successful?  Damn straight I am.

I think back to that point often, not to relive the past but to learn from it.  I counted myself as successful even thought I was a single girl living in a crappy apartment working her way through school.  But it was MY apartment and I paid my own bills and created my own life.  I was a confident, 22 year old woman with some ugly in her pasts but a whole word of hope in front of her.  And what is true will last (thanks for that little quote Katie!)  So think of yourself as successful and you will be.  Stay true and find your path.  And never let anyone tell you that you aren’t enough.  Only you can make your dreams come true.  You hold the key to your own success.


Flower make me happy.  And happiness and love define success in my book.  Thanks Hetler Photography for capturing both above.


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