Jul 10

Wet Weather Weddings

If you’re planning an outdoor affair it’s likely that the thought of rain has crept into your mind.  Or at least it probably should have.  This summer seems to be extra wet, and while I love not having to water my garden and how my lawn is remaining green, it does stress me when it comes to wedding planning.

I’m guilty of saying “the show must go on” and just going for it – I can talk a big game.  So we get a little wet, we’re not going to melt.  Brides with umbrellas are cute.  There are some fabulous opportunities for unique photos.  I can look at the glass as half full, for sure.

And I simply adore outdoor parties.

The start of wedding season for The Day’s Design was a drizzly one despite the weatherman’s positive outlook on the day.  In fact, we later found out that just a few miles away, they didn’t even receive a drop of rain. That’s crazy Michigan weather for you.

We stayed optimistic throughout the setting up process.  We kept moving and utilized our tarps and other coverings.  And we pulled though.  But it wasn’t as easy as glamorous pictures are sure to show.  The heat and humidity cause your clothing to simply stick to you.  Papers were soggy and limp.  My rain boots rubbed on my toes.  There were bugs.  And every time we thought the skies were clearing, fresh droplets were released from the clouds.  How the bride remained staying so fresh and beautiful is beyond me.

I don’t share this to complain about the wedding day. I simply would like to point out the comfort or perhaps discomfort you and your guests might endure should you decide to move forward with an outdoor ceremony on a rainy day.  I wish to express the importance of having a backup plan – although I do understand how hard it can be to utilize that, unless the day is calling for monsoon conditions.   But grounds become muddy and even after the showers have stopped, the canopy of trees above us still produced sprinkles every time there was even the slightest breeze.

You should also consider the policies other vendors have regarding rain.  Some equipment cannot get wet – cameras, sound systems, etc.  And how will the rental company feel if their upholstered lounge seating is returned saturated?   Are you risking damage deposits and extra fees?  Are there wedding details you’re going to have to give up if the rain doesn’t let up?

Wedding in the Woods | The Day's Design | Kelly Sweet Photography

Even with the weather, it was beautiful start to the summer 2014 wedding season– the way the light shown through mist in the woods that day was breathtaking. I can’t wait to share more  peaks from Kelly Sweet Photography.  And after seeing this picture, I’m not sure I would change a thing – including the weather forecast.


  1. Lauren Wiebe says:

    As if this is from a real wedding! It looks like a perfectly styled shoot. Amazing Shelby! Can’t wait to see more from this day!

  2. Airemiss Wion says:

    Thank You Shelby, for toughing it out with us. At my house it was completely dry. I was bummed to see the rain, but always willing to accept what Mother Nature gives me. I hope you did not end up with extra fees. Everything you created was so beautiful.

    • Shelby says:

      You looked so perfect all day — I was such a soggy mess! No fees, just love that day!! Thanks for letting me be a part of your celebration 🙂

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