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Why hello there, thanks for stopping by!  Let me take a moment to introduce myself… I am Shelby, I married my best friend, we have a beautiful baby girl {Gretta} and an adorable cocker spaniel {Polly}.  My family keeps me pretty busy, but they’re the most important things in my life.

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When I’m not spending time with my family (or sometimes even when I am), I’m designing, decorating and surrounding myself with all things pretty.  I love any reason to celebrate, but as a hopeless romantic I have a major soft spot for weddings.  You know the way you felt after he proposed, the way you wanted to jump up and down and tell everyone you know that you’re going to marry the man of your dreams?!  I feel that way every time I speak to a new bride, I actually tingle with excitement with the thought of planning your wedding!  I get to do my dream job, and help you plan the day you have fantasized about your whole life.

I have been designing pretty things and putting parties together for as long as I can remember.  Since I was young, I was always dreaming up different wedding scenarios for myself, and came to the conclusion that I was going to have to get married about six or seven times (or at least have several vow renewals!) so that I could see all my visions come to life.  However, there’s no need to be so selfish, so now I’d like to create your vision.

The last 10 years have been filled with  endless parties and wedding celebrations in which I have both served and coordinated, at both private clubs and fine dining establishments.  In addition, I have styled countless bridal party’s hair {in my other life I’m a licensed cosmetologist}, and spent champagne filled mornings with families and brides.  I also had the amazing opportunity to intern with RSVP Events, and fell in love with the industry even more. Between it all, I have become everyone’s “go-to” girl for all things wedding.  So in 2011, I gave my hobby a name and The Day’s Design was born.

And there you have it, knowledge of my history, my life and where The Day’s Design came from.  You know all there is to know about me… or maybe you’re we’re just getting started!  Thanks for peeking into my world, and stay tuned for many more heart to heart chats, as I’d love to meet you too.



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