May 29

Weekly Flowers :: Lilacs

It’s the time of year where fragrance meets you the second your foot steps outside the door.  It’s a wave of sweetness and nostalgia reminding me of summers gone by.  From the lilacs to the honeysuckle and the fading apple blossoms, I might have to say that this time of year is my favorite.  If you’re driving down the country roads with your windows up, then I dare say that you just aren’t living.  Spring’s perfume is not to be missed.

Since moving to Big Rapids, lilacs have regained my attention.  Not that my attention really ever waivered, but I never realized how bountiful they are.  It seems everywhere I turn there’s another bush, hedge after hedge, growing near abandoned farm houses, in one’s ditch, purposefully placed next to a home’s open window and even in the middle of open fields.  It has taken much restraint not pull over and clip some, or at least snap a picture every day I leave the house.  With all of the property and vegetation we have, I cannot for the life of me figure out why we have none.

One bush in particular that’s captured my attention is the one on this cute little downtown home near Gretta’s school.  I gazed on this one for days, dreaming that it was my house (only for the time of year) and lusting over those gorgeous purple blooms.  The adorable little fence and perfectly giant heap of blooms complement each other perfectly.

White Farmhouse | Big Rapids Michigan | Townline JournalLilac Bushes | Big Rapids Michigan | Townline Journal

Finally, the season is drawing to an end.  They can’t hide from this sudden rush of heat we’re experiencing and slowly these treasured blossoms are being replaced by dried brown petals.  I knew it was now or never, I needed to find a place to stop and gather myself a bunch before they disappear for another year.

Lilac Bushes | Big Rapids Michigan | Townline JournalForaged Lilacs | Townline Journal Lilac Centerpiece | Townline JournalLilac Centerpiece | Townline JournalLilac Centerpiece | Townline Journal

I’m starting a weekly flower feature (or at least every other week – we’ll see how this goes 😉 ).  At the beginning of the week I’ll share a bloom that moves me and we can all keep any eye out for them together.  Follow along on Instagram with #TLJfloweroftheweek and let’s stay inspired to have a great week, after all who’s ever had a bad day surrounded by flowers?!


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