Jan 27

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Designing Valentine’s Day flowers is a fairly new concept for me. Until we moved to our current home, I didn’t have a designated studio space and small orders and events just didn’t make sense when you’re working out of your kitchen or basement.

Even though it’s only been a couple years since The Day’s Design began offering February flowers, I’m forever seeking new inspiration – color palettes, vessels and ways to present the flowers.

Red roses have never really been my vibe (although in full disclosure, they are growing on me – maybe I’ll play with them next year?), however I love the warm, romantic colors that we associate with the holiday. As much as I’d love to do yellow and purple flowers this month, I can’t help but feel that someone might be disappointed – that’s the voice of the designer brain overtaking the business brain.

However I did give into my designer brain a little bit, a compromise I suppose you could call it. I love unexpected, contrasting colors. I was thinking about some beautiful rusty cinnamon roses I used back in October a began contemplating how I could reinvent them, there’s no reason they couldn’t be just as stunning in the winter months. In fact, they are the perfect solution, fufilling the need for red but in a non traditonal way.

The next question to ask is – what to pair with them? How should I complete the color palette? I took a trip down memory lane, back to my 4th grade art classes and thought about the color wheel. I won’t get into all the color theory, even though I find it facinating – we’ll save that for another time, but the cliff notes version is red & green, blue & orange and purple & yellow are all complientary colors. I was using rust so I stretched the rules a bit, thinking of red/orange and came up with a blue-ish lavender. Following along on exactly how I came up with this combination and why it works might be a bit more than I can explain here but just trust me, in my head it works.

I imagine we’ve come to the point in this post that you’re tired of hearing about colors and inspiration and are ready to see the flowers already. In my head there’s a crowd chatting “Just show us the rust roses!’

Here’s where this post gets even more ridiculous. I can’t.

I put together an entire Valentine’s Day product shoot and promo materials, designed example items to put on my website and secured neither the rust roses or the lavender accent flowers that I plan on using. See? I told you this was riduculous.

The good news is, I have these items on order for February 14 (well, they’ll arrive before then), however I had to by a large quanity, quanitities that didn’t make sense for creating a little design mockup (this gets into why I rarely do client centerpieces mockups as well).

To satisfy your curiosity, here are a couple of stock photos of what I have ordered and cannot wait to design with.

Lavender Blue Stock
Coffee Break Roses - Florabundance Wholesale Flowers

There will be some pinks and some connector colors mixed in a well, along with so many ranunculus, delphinium, mums and dried baby’s breath – lots of those items were included in my example designs.

If you’ve stayed with me this long and just want to see what we have to offer for Valentine’s Day – here it is. We have 3 arrangment types.

1. Premium Valentine’s Arrangement

This one is luscious, somewhat low and would be a showstopper pretty much anywhere you placed it in your home. There will be lots of roses, mixed with other seasonal flower – stock, delphinium, ranunculus and campanula, just to name a few. We have some ceramic white vases we’re designing these in, which are so versital and will compliment almost any decor style.

2. Medium Valentine’s Day Arrangement

I’m loosly describing this as medium. She could almost be considered tall. She’s taller than the premium but not as big and lush, more tall and skinny. I’m not sure that’s a flattering description for a flower arrangement though. So I’m just going to stick with ‘medium’. I would also use the word ‘fluffy’ to describe her. She’s filled with dried baby’s breath and then we tucked in some stunning seasonal blooms. She’s a little intrusive if you want to use her as a centerpiece for date night dinner, but I love her just the same. You could add her to your kitchen, living room side table or even your nightstand.

3. Wrapped Bouquets

This is always a favorite, it gives you the option to trim the stems to whatever length you like and add them to your favorite vase. Don’t tell the flowers, but the papers are my favorite part. These will be wrapped with terra cotta and lavender accents this year, using same of same flowers as the other two arrangements types.

The entire collection is available for pre-order now. There are limited quanities available and when they’re gone, they’re gone. There are lots of shortages in the flower and supply world right now, so I highly suggest placing your orders from any florist sooner rather than later.

You can shop the entire collection online {CLICK HERE TO SHOP} with options to pick-up from my Harbor Springs studio on Saturday, February 12 or Monday, February 14. Or delivery is available on February 14 as well. At this time, we will not be open on Sunday, February 13.

As always, we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns via email hello@thedaysdesign.net. I cannot wait to design these beauties for you!


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